Optimizing your RotoVap


Freezing 2liter bottles is a better stratagy, when they melt you can remove them and refreeze. Dumping ice into the cooling bath will cause you to have to drain the excessive water that will build up.


I was thinking ziplock but yes good thinking I will not want to keep dumping the bucket.

My cryocool cc100 I think is only rated at 800w of cooling so it might not make a great chiller for an SPD. Would be good for a simple cold trap though


What kinda speeds are you guys topping out at with your rotovap fully optimized?


I get 2gph out of my 5liter.


10liters hr 10liter, no mods



What’s your vac level and water bath temp? 2gph is double than what I can get out of mine. I’m not pushing full bore either.


Wow that sure is fast! No mods? What brand?

Video or it never happened! Lol


Vac at 60 torr, bath at 70°c and above.


Your using glycol vs distilled h2o in your bath, correct? I’m at -25hg and 48c.


I just use tap water and refill as necessary. Just drying crude out so I crank it up to 95°C for final dry


Here’s the specs on a 20 L no mods from across international, they claim 2 gallons per hour for alcohol


Tap h2o? Wouldnt that boil.off with your bath set at 70c?


Yeah especially at 95°c it really burns off gotta stand next to it and refill


Try the ping pong ball tek with h2O


Well i want one of those badboys. How many kw of heating do you need for that? Must be a huge chiller too yeah?


Would you mind expanding upon that?


Hes trolling


any of you guys running ethylene glycol in your water bath to decarb @ 120-135 C?

***Pure EG, not aqueous mixtures like you would use as coolant in your condensers.

Im too cheap to invest in some 20cst silicone fluid/oil right now lol


Oxidation seems to produce some byproducts, maybe toxic?


I’d like to see what temps those tests were at for those byproducts. I can already see water evaporation being even more of an issue at my altitude.