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Not to say “methyleugenol and isoeugenol are okay to inhale and a cool thing to add to your proprietary terpene blend”, but aren’t they naturally present in small trace amounts in actual cannabis? Are we doing any labs on normal extracts to see anything about allylbenzenes that might concentrate in the terp fraction?

Five simple phenols (161–167) were detected in the essential oil of Cannabis (Figure 12) and identified by GC/MS as eugenol (161), methyleugenol (162), iso-eugenol (163), trans-anethol (164) and cis-anethol (165)

Scroll down a bit: Cannabinoids, Phenolics, Terpenes and Alkaloids of Cannabis - PMC


Essential Oil of Cannabis sativa L: Comparison of Yield and Chemical Composition of 11 Hemp Genotypes - PMC (

Chemical Composition of Volatile Oils of Fresh and Air-Dried Buds of Cannabis chemovars, Their Insecticidal and Repellent Activities - Amira S. Wanas, Mohamed M. Radwan, Suman Chandra, Hemant Lata, Zlatko Mehmedic, Abbas Ali, KHC Baser, Betul Demirci, Mahmoud A. ElSohly, 2020 (

I did look before i made my original post…largely ND or at worst trace. It doesn’t appear to be any higher in drug type crops…
These are also essential oil fractions, so they are already highly concentrated vs biomass.

It’s an incredibly strange addition for a blend given the literature.

At this point im not terribly interested in combing the rest of these “blends”, but i wouldn’t be shocked if there is something else equally as concerning there.


Both your links show 0.2% for Eugenol or Methyl eugenol in some strains. I’d argue they support my point. 0.2% even of the essential oil fraction is way too much to just ignore, just as the amounts put into these blends being “under the 0.01% EU threshold” wasn’t gonna make them cool to inhale.

There is no way inhaling terpenes at the concentrations found in extracts is safe. Terpenes melt hard plastic. What would this do to soft tissue? Nit picking about bad stuff to inhale in bad stuff to inhale is interesting.

In the PMC link it’s present in 1! of 20+ samples?

Again, it seems mixed, as it does look to pop up elsewhere.
But it’s always low. And it appears to occur at roughly the same amounts in drug and fiber crops…

You will find heavy metals, pesticides, mold, solvent, etc in samples of biomass/extracts if you test enough samples. It’s hard to make the argument we should be reintroducing things that are potentially rather hazardous, though.

Then you also have the fact that as a manufacturer you have very little data as to how these actually end up being consumed… You make a recommendation for fill amount, in this case i think 5%.

Someone may run it at 7%.
Someone may run it in hardware that gets hotter than you expect.
Someone may run it with crude/distillate that also contains X that reacts with Y in your product.
As a general rule i would say adding carcinogens to your terps is frowned upon, regardless of any potential trace presence in concentrated extracts or bio…

Isn’t that part of the sell (other than price?) of these “blends” in the first place though? That they can do certain things better than “natural” product, at scale, at a better price point? Well the first part of that is figuring out what you actually do and don’t need/want from the plant… Which nobody actually even answered my question there. Why was this used in the first place? What did this offer that even made it attractive there? Are we just putting random shit in blends now without exploring safety? If they removed it in 2 hours (seemingly without damaging their propriety blend), why was it used at all? Why remove it from one blend but not another? It apparently wasn’t critical to the flavor.


That’s a different problem. And one that’s more directly correlated to high temperature/concentration, not underlying carcinogenic and genotoxic potential.

Nevertheless, yes, you obviously shouldn’t inhale pure terps either. Speaking of plastics, half the pens people fill in really aren’t compatible with half of this shit anyways.

I have a list of a few hundred trace flavorants, there rough concentrations in bio/extracts, and the notes they provide. Unfortunately, you can’t use half of them for one reason or another. That ranges from them degrading into nasty stuff at the temps in question, them being outright hazardous at higher concentrations, not being able to source the compounds at an appreciable purity, or in some cases at all, jurisdictional issues in places like CA, etc. This is without a doubt a rather hard problem, and you haven’t even mixed a vial yet. Then you have to blend for targeted flavor and/or effects once you determine your ingredients aren’t going to kill anyone. Both of those things are a specialized art in of themselves…

Maybe BDTs aren’t the best idea?


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