Need help grasshoppers and nutsedge grass attacking hemp outdoors

Need suggestions for grasshopper control . Baby chicks got eaten they were gonna be frontline defense in acre of cbd hemp . Also this nutsedge grass just exploded in last rain. Im not organic . I heard molases might retard nutsedge and give hemp plants a boost at same time . I just cant find much info in texas .its so new here. And i suspect no grower wants to disclose any such info . I google but i cant find product that list cannabis or hemp as safe . Im blown away with the severity of knowledge available here . I have grown weed for 20 yrs stealth like . Mostly indoor . Yrs ago seven dust was used early in grow on few plants here n there but no way to that toxic ish nowadays . I must admit . You guys sound like chemists and Einstein’s as i read your posts . I got all caught up on learning what is open blasting yesterday .lol. i have a long way to go . Not to be offensive but we really have been able to throw seeds on sidewalk n piss on em and pull off decent smoke thru the yrs . But times change .we have evolved and i am passionate about gaining as much knowledge as i can from you guys . Help me out . I see @Rockymtn24 has huge grow op . Maybe you can give me pointers on pests and herbicides. Hate to see my 2000 plants go to the wayside right in front of my eyes . Aight den…keep on hempin !

I’d probably start with neem if it were me and go from there. Organic cold pressed is supposed to be the best.

Those chickens may have just eaten your hemp plants, anyway. But I think you had the right idea with environmental control. Anything you could do to attract birds should help.

The pics below are from last year. I grow on weed cloth and don’t till. Hemp really hates competition at the root zone from grass and weeds. The fabric I use is uv stable and will last several years. I just mow the strip of grass between rows. Having all that grass gives grasshoppers something else to eat. I have had clouds of little ones, but didn’t seem to get any damage.

Btw the one pest that really did damage to myself and other growers in my area were caterpillars. They didn’t even eat much, but the buds where they crawled around died off from fungus. Preventative bt spray will solve the problem.


get more chickens.
and maybe a dog.

have you read what Clemson has to say on the subject of nutsedge control?

Plant Essential Oil-based Herbicides: These are made from naturally-occurring plant sources. However, vegetable plants must be shielded to prevent damage from these herbicides. Examples include:

  • SafeGro Weed Zap (contains 45% cinnamon oil & 45% clove oil) (OMRI)

This cinnamon and clove oil product has “caution” as the safety signal word.

Orange Oil ( d -limonene) -based Herbicides: These are made from naturally-occurring sources, such as citrus fruits. However, vegetable plants must be shielded to prevent damage. These include:

  • Avenger Weed Killer Concentrate (70% d-limonene) Concentrate; and RTU (OMRI)

This orange oil product has “caution” as the safety signal word.

Acetic Acid-based Herbicides: These are made from naturally-occurring sources, including vinegar. However, vegetable plants must be shielded to prevent damage. Examples include:

  • Summerset Brand All Down Concentrate (23% acetic acid & 14% citric acid); also RTU (8% acetic acid & 6% citric acid)

These acetic acid products have “danger” as the safety signal word. Acetic acid can cause eye damage, so also wear eye protection (goggles).


Thanks so much ! I will do just that .neem … your grow looks great . I have a lil mantis tiller in mail for my 48in between rows . At least before too much root pushes out i can get close to plants . Once again i really appreciate your help. May fortune and blessings abound you man

yes! Thats what im talkin about …thank you very much . This gives me some arsenal to fire back. I can at least relax somewhat knowing some direction and choices . It was makin me grumpy watchin this pop off after last rain. Im on it now . I can just get luece of cardboard 3x3ft and shield my babies . Preciate it man . You guys rock !

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cardboard will also act as selective media for the fun guys.
see: Recommendations for first time fungi growers

Edit: I don’t know about chickens eating hemp, but my last three dogs have all been cannabis munchers. most have also made attempts on my chickens.


What strain is that . It lookssim to some eclipse i saw . Im first of just few hundred that has taken a chance on hemp . Lol… the rest these lld farmers just dumbfounded. Scared of it and staring at mine like a cow lookin at a new gate . Im all for sharing but if they gonna stall its fine with me im gettin established …learn along the way , but LOVE what i do . Im a high voltage lineman . I worked every ice storm and hurricane sjnce 2006. Im out. Body hurts like a mofo . I will never work for another boss again . I wanna roll out n be with my ladies n sorta my pace and if i never get rich its all good i just wanna enjoy life on the way out and help others like kiddos with seizures and autism get off nasty pharms . Im huge advocate of thc as medicine as well .but its still illegal here in tx . Probly b last to legalize …the system makes so much more as is . I overheard em say they dont want all these probation officers and counselors lose jobs etc etc . Well glad i hooked up with yall . I got spectrum fem 98% germ . For 39cent seeds . So im giving that strain a whirl this first grow season . Preciate ya help bro …

started may 7th . Super dry in texas . Lookin ok for just 21 days from seed


ohh yeah . My pit tolerates dem chickens so long as im lookin. But turn ya head an its on . So she has to go sep area . Exactly what you mean by cardboard . You sayin like a box arojnd each plant …i have 2000 . Cant afford that jus yet . Let me know …preciate ya

That is T1( aka trump), grown from my own feminized seed. I crossed the wife with the t1 in the pic to make this year’s seed. I think I have to call it Melania.

It is a lot easier to grow hemp than it is to sell it right now, since the price of cbd isolate has crashed. A marketing plan is essential.

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Ur only hope on nutgrass is 2 doses of roundup 2 weeks apart u can mop or wick them directly on the nutgrass . To spray it u need a hooded sprayer… there are a few als inhibitors on the market but rip the best bet

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Ducks might eat those,

Anybody else see the movie “the biggest little farm” ? interesting stuff.


Yep . So with it not being legal here . It made it easy to feel as though you could b a pioneer in the jump . Then i found this forum and mindblown hiw many are into it . I can see its easy to dream but now i see also it will be a chore to get any sold . Can i ask . I saw # of 354$ lb for top notch flowers on this usda report for 2019 oct . Im guessin thats nowhere near what im to expect . Its so challenged here…we have no infrastucture for it . Barely 3 labs to test sprung up in last few weeks . Wow . Well i love it so i will likely stay . You need couple strains from trump … melania and an ivanka :joy: i like the pics thnx 4 sharing. Plus i been up in here just wearin my wife out with my convo bout hemp this n that . Lol…nice to chat wit somebody that knows stuff bout it . Ahhh …i feel charged up again . Got a lil down after them nutsedge chokin my babies down and readin how many peeps grow and how saturated it is like your sayin. I remember 25 yrs ago a badass musician friend of mine , i told him i got a guitar …thinkin he be cool n say cool dude . Ahh hell no . He popped off . Everybody got a guitar and overnight rock stars . Lol. The drummer told me he was pissy cause they had been havin trouble bookin shows lately …but i got it . Still thought what a deek … anyways sorta like now . All sudden ima hemp farmer …lol… well it is what it is …hopefully i can git in where i fit in…

so .of i go mop on do u think i will have to worry bout runoff to my hemp plants . I can say . I skipped a step last fall .i should have put a killer and preemerge out but couldnt forsee when it would go legal to grow so we gave up till like a week b4 march the ag dept firrd up propaganda bout legalizing . So my plowed field sat just dusty .which also led me to not worry .no rain so i spot watered and all was good . Then bam a turd floater rainstofm and im like where this crap come from .well tilling spread it dormant and gods water just set it off . Ima try neem for hoppers . And get some roundup if you think it wont runoff to my plants . I have no xlerience with that stuff . I somehow new to avoid it my whole life . Nasty carceno …but im down for my crop… i gotta at least be able to nake some kinda disty or store my cbd rich flowers in freezer rather than feed bugs n lose out totally . We dont even have much extractors or processing maybe 3 labs just popped up . Im thinkin maybe the $ is in this aspect of the biz rather growing but isnt that how it is for all farmers …losin their azzz on corn and such… idk . I love it horticulture …i will be in it to win it … glad you guys exsist . I have learned like 5 yrs worth of knowledge in a week . I appreciate it …blessings …

jus wanted to say . The chickens last yr full size …amazing killers . They looked like mutant t rexs …just zippin found eatin these grasshoppers . I had no crop very nice field of coastal grass . It was entertaining to watch them haul azz to the next hopper n masacre it . Im close to mexico so . Imagine goin down there in the 80s and 90 and hookin up with the vatos for truck loads of bricks . Its just our way of life here in south tx . Anyhow thats how i got the chicken idea i was lucky enuff to go to michoacan and hang with big fam that grew and sent product to usa . I asked how you get this lime green sensi everytime … he said its chicken shit . Just 100s of chickens doin there thing . Their caca fertilize the plants . They eat the guisanos and hoppers …no problema … well i was refering to what strain ? They didnt even get that back then …and now i understand it was landrace no doubt …tall …it was 12 ft tall and huge kolas all over . 3plus elbows on it …x thousands of plants . Crazy times back in the day …

You made me rotflmao… ohh i catch a duck out there eatin it he gonna die n get fed to dogs… i tried duk once it was greasy n gross . I been so grumpy bout these probs i got . I assure you them duks dont stand a chance . Im visual so u say that i pictured it . Ohh dam my neighbors they r special …got all those animals no runnin water n jus fine with it. I can see the whole farm migrating over here to grubb…i needed that laugh for real i been reading you and other seniority types goin on bout this n that . I was overwhelmed for 2 day straight …thinkin i stand no chance . But a lil sleep and good laugh im much better . Just sucked to get a day off due to rain then a nite and half day later i look out and its emerald forest out there ! And can barely find my babies . Made me uptight . Im gonna have to pluck yalls brains . I see the diamonds and catchin on the rotovac …disty n more stuff . Wow its wild ! So much us behind the 8 ball types have never heard of . Yall 10 yrs ahead of us backwoods mofos…good knowin yall . I have noticed yall are bout helpin each other break bread n makin it so everybody gets to eat thats badazz …if i bug yall in future im not thin skinned .just get at me like a lil brother but keep me learnin…

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pretty sure ducks were offered by @shattertramp as a potential solution…

you know a non-hemp eating, bug destroying dinosaur :wink:


you bought up cardboard, not me :wink:

I frequent recycling centers. I figured you were planning on scavenging from the local grocery or liquor store…and were familiar with


:joy::joy: yeah …i fell out picturing a huge duck fiasco …i mean they do chow on hoppers . But im not a big fan of em . They tend to shiii everywhere ya dont want em too . Hella good fertilizer tho . Can be too hot …but the down south guys in old mexico once taught me that all he did was buncha chickens they ate all bugs n caterpillars plus shii all over grow area n he swore to the fertilizer as to give his bricks the best limey taste …

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ohh …lol…i see i did mention cardboard . Lol. Flashbacks . The link to the funguy …i went into a stupor . Scuse me for that one . Plus my head is swirlin …i went from zero to 99 mph after joining this forum . Im blown away . The disty… the diamonds . Lab wear . The rotvac . Pandas … man . Im all about it but really didnt know this all exsisted . Its like outer space shii to me for now . Before long i will be doin it all too . I mean i have nobody to talk to now . My buddies dont get what im talkin bout .lmao…they are lookin at me like im makin shit up . Omg. Too cool . I needed an awakening like this . Beathed life back into me . It has been boring during my few yrs of prohibition enforced by probation . Yeah i was refering to ghe suggestion for soraying orange and clove oils
and the other products with acetone sayin it was dangerous and would kill my plants so i was thinkin make a shield to to hold around plants while spray . I mite upload a pic of grow . I mean it exploded with this nutsedge grass and i fear its gonna choke my crop out . Smh …tday im bummed. Tmorrow i’ll be back with a vengeance after these weeds ! Anyhow . Preciate ya.

Dang that is an idea nex area i plant . Bein thrifty and all.this covid set me back $ …i just mite instead of plastic mulch . Thnx for feedin my head :wink: