Moonshine still or SPD for Feco?

… what?

Where did ‘powdered sugar substitute’ come from? I’m talking about bitter blocker products like TruMask.

Are you saying you run your wiper with no vacuum?

Yes, THCa is odorless and flavorless, but it’s not THCa anymore after you distill it.

If you’re going to spend 300$

Get a temp gun to get your product out of the flask too.

I would get the 5000ml setup cause then you can do about a gallon at a time
but I circled the 3000ml setup because of your budget


I’ll be 100% honest if you got gallons and gallons at a time save yourself the trouble and buy a rotovap.


That’s where I am. I thought FECO would be superior due to having the terpenes still in it and everything else. I’m not opposed to changing my plans due to being able to make a better product. Why is distillate better when it doesn’t have the terpenes. I’m in Oklahoma and we don’t have the greatest around. I have a vacuum funnel purchased and that’s it so far.

Not making a medical claim:

Capsules and cutting them with honey seems to help. I was doing 1:1 rso to raw local honey in 00 capsules for a while and when you taste honey that’s when the rso effects usually hit and took away the bitterness.

As for the Gastrointestinal Issues could it be the person or just the fats and lipids working through your gut, picking up the partially digested garbage in our gut flora.

I’ve observed on a personal level that acidophilus helps with the G.i. Issues.

I haven’t taken my own rso creations in a while but I still have been dedicated for the past few years to taking probiotics/acidophillus. I used to get the walgreens ones but now I get the Swanson brand capsules.

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That being said, op should learn to vacuum filter with 250ml to experiment with.


Well I think cleanest product = best product is the mindset there.

If I can be honest rso alone in capsules even without the honey was good but only in capsules.

When I used RSO in my magic butter machine and made edibles all you could taste was chlorophyll and nastiness. No brownie taste, just ughhhh fuckin’ nastiness.

With disty though, it seems like the general consensus is if it’s made wrong or of its partially degraded or burnt, it will have an off taste potentially lowering value in the final edible because of bad taste.

I’ve never made disty but I’ve eaten dispensary chocolates and you can tell it’s infused but you can’t directly taste it. My favorite one was the chocolate bar I got from the Berkshires, best edible I’ve ever eaten in my life that was the only chocolate bar in my life where I only tasted the creaminess of the chocolate and no cannabis at all.

That’s where I’m at right now. I think I’m going to save and do it better.


Have you looked through Optimizing your RotoVap yet.

An itty bitty buchi is an awesome tool…and they can be had for a steal if you know where to look (rumor has it you’ve been pointed in the correct direction).

An Google-fu many don’t use


As in “rotovap

$200 in Joshua tree


I have. I think I’m going to save up and just buy what I need first. It makes more sense than to struggle or learn on things I won’t use long term.

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That probably depends on temperament and goals…many of the folks around here actually enjoy the challenge of solving problems with parts on hand.

good luck with your adventure…


I use my personal rotovap all the time, one of the best cannabis investments I’ve made. I just ran a few ounces of trim through it this week in my spare time. Now it’s into the vac oven for a few days to reduce any residual ethanol down to where I at least can’t taste it.

Be careful buying used, but you can save a lot of money if you get lucky this way. I’ve had to return too many pieces of used lab equipment that were sold as functional but didn’t arrive that way.


The other great part about a rotovap is you can do more than just ethanol in it.


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Same here.

If anyone is interested this same seller has a brand new 20 l reactor for the same price as the roto- $200.

Not sure on the quality, but the price is right.