Looking for an inline swagelok filter I can load with bentonite??


Howdy F4200!

Running an ETS MiniMEP with Julabo BC4, Julabo FP50, and MTA. Nitro assist. Fresh Frozen only, Inline dewaxing, -20F walk in freezer for source material storage. The entire operation cycle never eclipses -20F during extraction. Been having way too much fun!!!

I want to R&D with some anthocyanin removal. Bentonite seems to be the filtering agent of choice for this process. I am wondering if there is an in-line swagelok “loadable” filter that I can easily add to my machine after the material column and before the collection column? If there are any operators currently using bentonite for anthocyanin filtering, I am also interested in your thoughts on the aluminum that is in bentonite, and how/if that is an issue when using hydrocarbons as a solvent.

Basically I want a filter for bentonite to use on the ETS.
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Check out the thread


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