hydrocarbon recovery condensing preferences


I pay $.80/lb for pellets as well. do you think it ends up being cheaper using lc02 to recover or using the pellets?


Yea, with just that coil, a tank should last me two weeks at least


I’ve been highly interested in making a switch to lc02, mainly for a coil too. just don’t know where to go about getting the right jacketed coil. you say nboler?


Yea nboler can make em and so would @710ST, he’s with bizzy and he has several options for lc02 and condensing


If your lab has a c02 extraction unit use the c02 to make dry ice. Purchase a dry ice maker and c02. Personally I don’t get why labs don’t have dry ice makers.


cause shooting co2 into a bag to make dry ice is a super inefficient way to do it