Hiring in licensed facility CA


Hey everyone. We’re a fully licensed type 7 company out of Davis, ca and are looking to hire experienced operators.

Please DM if interested



If you are still looking, please contact me at rareearthxtracts@gmail.com

What kind equipment will you be using to extract and distill? What’s your daily volume look like?




DM sent over



what you offering here?

To go work as his extraction tech?
you failed the interview by not sending a DM as requested.

To supply staffing recommendations? Then say so.

To sell buds? Not happening.


Bring up my post.

Responded to those that DM’d


No need to read into others objectives. Everyone aught to stay in their own lane. No1s lookin for babysitters on here.


certainly looking for less SPAM.
looking at @MikeKoski’s posts, I’m suspicious. so I asked…

what’s your excuse?

we have rules on offering CBD. New Hemp/CBD rules and verification process

and cross state marketing of THC is not something we want to be associated with.

as far as staying in my lane?
I go in circles, there is no lane for that.


U crack me up buddy. I’ll just keep quiet. These forums all the same.