General safety in a work area/lab


with the current one we are only about 6 or so inches shy of being able to do it with the normal vertical one. I will measure it out on monday though and start looking for things to fit that way, you the man @Soxhlet any other info or ideas are appreciated!!


The condenser should be able to “lay back” by adjusting the flask angle. If that doesn’t work these guys have a nice solution, they make a hood specifically for buchi and other model evaporators.

Here is a thing on angle of the dangle
buchi angle White_Paper_angle.pdf (206.3 KB)

See the arrangement at the very top of the pic? That is probably the best choice condenser for a low fume hood. You can use all your accessories as well with it.

Another option would be a lab fume extractor “arm” or “duct” ask you inspector what they prefer.


We currently have the A setup on the top left and with that guy you cant use the foam sensor autodest, make it continuous flow, and a few other things because it doesn’t have the port on the side. You can only do it with the vertical configuration, because it has the extra port to throw all those things.

Thanks so much for finding this we had 2 reps at the install and they made it sound like there were only 2 types, the one we had, and the one we tried that didn’t work. I have both fingers crossed that the one on the top right fits perfectly!

Next Question Everyone,
Using a hot plate/magnetic stirrer to stir ethanol/crude co2 oil, is this a horrible no go? In theory it sounds like a bad idea. However I feel like I’ve read it in sops, our hot plate magnetic stirrer is inside a fume hood if that makes any difference. Also we wouldn’t do over 100f as to not degrade it, most likely.

I had my first go at winterizing this week and lets just say it wasn’t easy. The crude was cold and had a soft rubber consistency we were doing a 4:1 mix and it was extremely difficult. I was considering putting my ethanol in a warm water bath at 120f before adding it, to make the crude a bit less viscous if the hot plate is a no go. I will probably add my other questions to the winterizing thread to keep this about safety, but any tips or tricks are appreciated. Thanks for the help!


Better is an overhead stirrer, you won’t believe the amount of cuss words you can say about stalled stirr bars in viscous mixes.


Lol We are working with an overhead stirrer now, and I can imagine trying to fish anything in or out would be awful. Could I set it our beaker on top the hot plate to make it a little less viscous and use our overhead stirrer for the stirring? I don’t know if ours is a rotor/stator like the one cat scientific has is that a necessity for this application?


no need for a fancy homomogenizer in this application. cheap immersion blender should work. 10:1 is a more reasonable ratio for winterizing.

using a sealed mason jar and shaking it (paint mixer anyone?) gets the job done in my world.


Ever see the floor infont of a paint shaker? Imagine that…but hash…


Yes, heat and stir.


the dab it where it lays rule had to go once the camera’s came on-line :wink:


Haha! Only floor samples may be consumed.


I’m curious, did you have an industrial hygenist review your lab plan before you built the lab per state rules (R605 I believe)? They would have advised you about that requirement. That’s how we ended up with a vent hood for our rotovap. We’re in southern Colorado.


Yeah, they did, but that is all above my pay grade, and I wasn’t sure if that was a requirement, or how I’d look it up. I am guessing that is why it is where it is, I was just curious if that was the norm in other labs. However finding a shorter condenser solved the problem.


What about the use of anti-Static boots and cloths?.