Filtered out the cannabinoids?!?!

I honestly haven’t seen any negative effects of removing silica gel out of the process, so I have. Same with magnesol. Im thinking of removing alumina too, but we’ll see.

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I use large granular alumina. I usually do about 150 grams of celite, and 100 grams of charcoal in my filters then I add about a shot glass of powdered carbon per 1700ml jar of Ethanol and filter 3-4 jars before removing the powders and setting up a clean filter. I should mention the starting crude I get is black mostly, the best I’ve managed to get to is a red or orange tint. Is the secret to high clarity and color distillate in having a better starting material?

A lot of it is managing to extract it super cold, below -45c with short soak times. That will yield you the lightest color. It can be achieved with an alkane and the powders too.

Same here on the red orange stuff, if you winterize well and try some dcvc, you may be able to get gold or Amber out of it.
For me, carbon usually gets out the green/black and alumina and bentonite can help with orange/brown.
But dcvc can really make it pretty.

Does anyone know or think this could happen using a PP 0.2um cartridge filter? I’ve had a similar experience loosing cannabinoids after just using my new filter for the first time. Not as bad but still almost half.