Extracts academy review


I’ve never went past blasting bho and purging in the oven. I know how to winterize and filter through a Buchner setup, but im still confused on the whole scrubbing process. I’ve never used a rotovap or short path system but I have a pretty good idea of what setup I need. im thinking of a 20l usalab rotovap with a 12l short path distillation system from LS. only problem is that I have no idea how to use either machines. I’ve watched my fair share of youtube videos about this process but still have a lot to learn lol


The roto is easy, start with a gallon or two of plain etoh and play with it. If it boils over it wont be a big deal, not like with resin anyway!

watch some videos on assembing/ clamping glassware and how to grease the joints.
You can probably get through your first shortpath attemp fine, although id learn it on a 1-2 liter apperatus. Jumping into 12 liters might be a bit much.You will want a smaller distillation apperatus laying around also, good for learning/research/small batches.


would I be able to buy smaller glassware for the 12l setup?

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Theres a few people on here (myself being one of them), that would very much appreciate all the help we can get with out first spd run. Please post away.

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yes, to a point.

I bought this about 10 years ago, thats how I learned 300 ml at a time! :wink:
boiling flask is 500 ml for reference.


Sounds like you should read through the thread from the other week…I know a lot ppl where helped by it… Great place to start! Learn the lingo and such

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I took the @OpenSourceSteel class like two years back. I did learn a ton and they even went into theory, not just application. It helped me a lot at the time and kinda calmed my nerves about my first run.

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Let me know how you like the class and how informative it is for distillation .


Great place to start theory and learn basics. Good group of guys, Erik blasts with a IRON FIST. Not hands on but it gives you a visual and allows you to ask questions. I didn’t attend the SPD class but I’m sure it would be useful. Honestly you can find all the information you need here, just have to piece it together and reach out for help. @Soxhlet just answered and helped me last week through my first SPD run. Not bad for first pass first run!


looking good brotha!


I have taken both the SPD and BHO classes from Extracts Academy. I had what I thought was a pretty decent understanding of how everything was done and almost skipped the BHO class as we’d been running our CL for a year or so but had a new employee attending as well so decided to take both days. I’m glad I did. Right away I learned some new methods and theories that have certainly helped streamline our processing. The price is a bargain and hey…Vegas!


I’ll be checking out the BHO class on Saturday before I fly home. Will try to remember to post a review after I do.


I had traveled from Canada to take the weekend course. The small amount of money you pay for this course the first hand knowledge of Erik and Josh and their willingness openly share tech that is used and proven successful in the rec market is something you can’t put a price on. The information they have provided had saved me a considerable amount of time and money.


yea @Soxhlet has helped out tremendously with any questions I had but I think it would be in my best interest to see the whole distillation process in person.


Probably a good time to mention that @LabSociety also has a class, one that I’ve taught in the past, and offers discounts on their equipment to class attendees.

Not to say Extracts Academy isn’t good however, I just haven’t experienced what they offer yet. Plan on meeting with them today in Vegas to see about changing that


And you say you dont get paid by LS…


I’ll say it again. I don’t get paid by @LabSociety

I have in the past for various jobs, I no longer do.

I support good businesses, and Lab Society is one of the best I’ve come across. This is why they are in the #GLG , thus I will continue to talk them up.

That you had bad experiences with them tells me more about you than it does them.


Yea the phd candidate in chemistry is less credible than the clandestine chemists who work at/own lab society and exploit the small guys in the industry…


Exploitation is relative friend. Those small guys utilize scarcity to exploit their customers. The initiated have paid their dues in time, those who aren’t pay with currency. Why are you bitter?


I’d be interested in a workflow map, as I’m about to sit in on an few sessions with a friend before beginning an apprenticeship.