Extraction Tek MEP Assistance


What temp do you run all of your vessels, exchangers, and mole sieves? Also how are you connecting a KF25 fitting (pump) to the system?

The setup purchased for us involves three chillers (two TAE evo10 one huber) and Two heaters. We are also thinking of getting master vapor pumps for it.


The temp is going to be dictated by your chilling capacity. The colder the better, -78c is a solid starting point. That temp can be achieved rather easily using LCO2 or dry ice, both of which are relatively easy to get. Butane can be chilled all the way down to -140 at which point it starts freezing. Propane can go much colder. The temp of your heat exchangers depends on how you use them. For making things hot you run them hot, for making them cold you run them cold. The exact temp requires some math you will need to know total volume of fluid to be chilled/heated, how long you want it to take, flow rate, terminal temp, and the temperature differential of your starting and ending points. For heating/evaporating the range is anywhere from above boiling (room temp) to 120f. The higher quality the lower your evap. temp will be. I use 80-90f for butane and 70 or so for propane only, and somewhere in between for 70:30mixes. The higher the temp the faster the recovery but the more possible degradation of your oil. For crude I use 120f to recover more quickly.

Mole sieves are not typically ran hot in my experience. Think about what the sieves do, they pull moister out of your vapor stream therefor heating them makes no sense. I like to chill my sieve to help condense any water out of the vapor stream and aid in the drying process. Use an adaptor to go from KF25 to your system.

Master vapor pumps are pretty legit.


We have the MEP, but only one Tae evo an to water heaters? Any idea why they supplied three?
With the tae evo the lowest we can get is 24f…


I believe the three chillers are for the turbo 30 Kit.


Makes sense, thanks for the response. We are looking at MVP or just discovered Vapor Smartz to replace our Haskell. Vapor smartz says they are in contact with ETS. Hope you’re up and running!