Ethanol Extraction for Small Start Up


After reclaiming how many times can you go? Can the ethanol last forever?


I usually re-use my ethanol maybe a max of 7-8 times depending on the proof, smell, and appearance. I never throw it out thought it gets mixed over time with my cleaning ethanol or used as a chilling fluid.


What if the proof and color holds the same? Good to go?


I did 13.5lbs biomass to 11/12 gallons of ethanol. After I spun my biomass in the panda, I recovered 2.5 gallons of ethanol.

I also proof my ethanol after it comes out of the rotovap. It’s always 190-195 coming back out.


What was your total recovered ethanol ? 2.5 gallons spun out from the panda and how much ethanol that was not held up in the biomass?


After 7-8 uses does the ethanol obtain smell from some of the terpenes?


Yes depending on many factors you can pick up terpenes that tend to want to stay in the ethanol. 95-97% return so some where between 2.3 and 2.4gal


I can only guess at the amount left after spinning. Possibly .5-.75 gallons at the most.

The panda(s) paid for themselves immediately after the 1st use


All my used etoh is “terp shine”.

So yes, it smells like terpy ethanol.


So at 95% recovery let’s assume I start with 12 gallons of ethanol, add my biomass, remove bag with biomass in it. I have 9 gallons of ethanol-cannabinoids solution in my bucket. I put my dripping ethanol laden bag with soaked biomass in the panda, spin, and recover another 2.4 gallons of ethanol. I have recovered a total of 11.4 gallons of ethanol. Does that seem reasonable assuming low temps (-60 C)?


Results may vary, but ballpark, yes.


Seems reasonable but with a Panda I’d bank on closer to 10% loss on average. Better to be conservative with a real centrifuge I’ve seen 95-97% returns on a regular basis.


This is the way im going with my wash. I been pondering on how to do my wash before I run my roto for the 1st time. Thx guys


Dry ice cold ass ethanol
Dry ice cold ass trim/biomass

Soak in stainless steel pots
I did a 40 min soak. Soak times vary on your ethanol temps.

Pour trim/ethanol into 160iu bubble bag to catch the biomass. Add more dry ice to material while draining.

Place bubble bag into panda spinner.

Pour ethanol wash into 25iu bubble bag to filter out even more fines.

Filter ethanol thru buchner funnel with a celite 545 bed to filter out small particles.

I do NOT winterize, other than my cryo washing. NO color remediation done either.

Then into rotovap.


You beautiful motherfucker, THANK YOU!!! Next time you in Maine…look a brother up!!!


What kind of bags are you guys using to contain the biomass within the panda spinner?


Elcheapo ebay bubble bags. Full mesh type.


This is all great info. Just wondering, I picked up a cryo freezer, (-60c) hoping to not buy dry ice. Wouldn’t it work to pretty much make cold tea? Just dip the bag with biomass in the eth after getting biomass to temp, wait however long, then “drip dry” in the freezer like… lets say a bucket with a grate over it. sit overnight or however long, then spin it (if you need to?) Has anyone tried this?


I just picked up a Panda. Gonna try this out when it comes on Wednesday. Thx again!!


Yes. It works. Drip drying takes a long time without a fuge.

The implementation I saw had been retired. It used two conical fermenters in a -80C and pandas at a guess (found them onsite).

Pic posted elsewhere