Ethanol extract question(to go Cup 15 or just a manual extractor)

I wish!

Last guys did get me a walk-in freezer.
came with a walk in 10C too.

they even assembled the thing.
however, the refrigeration unit was declared dead by their AC guy.
they used it as a product vault for a while.

it would easily have paid for the new compressor by doubling my throughput without additional investment in less than a week (less than a day by my math!!). assuming I invested another days (the rest of a day’s) output into a still and more kegs, I’m pretty sure I could have hit 10x throughput in a month or two of optimization.

I heard they’re still planning to spin it up when they can.
I don’t see it being quite as useful with the CUP they purchased… unless they hire the right wizard :mage:

Edit: redid the math. I could not have achieved 10x back then. I had not read this thread…and would have been limited by solvent recovery to about 4x with two 20gal stills. If I recall correctly I had asked for six of them.


Just gonna drop this thread here. I’m not personally in the market for this kind of production yet, but a grower we’re working with has already invested half a million in getting 40 acres ready for hemp for the 2019 season. So if all goes well with the small scale plans, we’re going to have to be ready to scale up dramatically by October. I was thinking an expensive FFE might have been the only option until I saw this bad boy and started asking questions.

Edit: Might as well drop this here as well.


Im going with a Cup 15… yeah buddy…

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have you checked out (shameless plug)


Looks right purdy it does! :grin:


Even this one is small. We are getting a 300L system with FFE as our starter system with plans to jump to a 3000L as soon as possible. Private message me if you’d like to talk about maybe a beneficial relationship.

You’ll outgrow it in a week and need to run 24/7 to make decent money. We are doing a 300L for $30k more.

Do you have a 110v version?

no, but I know somebody how might be able to hook you up. DM me and lets chat.

@jws66m Which system are you running?

We are running a small custom cold extraction setup. Our group is in the food processing equipment industry so these other groups selling a CUP 30 for $140k will be obsolete in time. We are designing large volume operations. Here to learn mostly what technologies work best. And maybe find others to partner with. What is it that you do?

@jws66m I’m a polymer chemist, I formulate and synthesize vitrimer resins. My family friend owns a CBD product company that is killing it right now, and they’re in the process of vertically integrating, so they need to start producing their own isolate. I’m partnering with them to start a subsidiary company to produce isolate. I’m also in the exploratory phase right now, but I think I’m starting to narrow down the process I’m going to propose.

Most of this stuff is pretty easy at bench scale, but scaling up has a lot of challenges. I’ll probably use a consultant in the near future because I don’t have experience in large scale extractions. Also probably going to join the GoodLifeGang for access to the SOPs, seems like there is a lot of valuable info there that could help expedite the startup process.

Did Steve** tell you that?

Did you ask for COA’s?
Question him about In House analytics?
maybe even point him at an Ethanol Extraction White Paper?

edit: to balance the shameless plug for my machine upstream, I’ll add that @highestzen has a horse in this race too…if you think you don’t need a 'fuge then you might not have looked at the problem hard enough. (or maybe you’re on to something :thinking: dunno…).

DM me if you want to discus the relative merits :wink:

**WhoTF is Steve?


Those are the units we are going with. Great group and product!!! @highestzen

@PkBros are you using bags with their machine?
how heavy are they on the way out of the 'fuge?

where are you going after the fuge?

what is your end point?
How many WFE’s do you have?
Numbers game: is your WFE a goer?

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We are using 200 micron bags that hold 75-100lb per run. We will then be using 1-2 Bizzy bee FFE to recover.

Ballpark 3gal of solvent left in 100lb of biomass at 97% recovery. so ~120lb

Which, seems heavy for a mesh bag long term. I’m assuming an overhead bag lift and appropriate reinforcement.

I think the fuge pulls out more solvent from biomass @800 rpm. the material feels dry after a 15 minute run…
Not a bad idea to have a pulley or winch system to optimize bag transfer.

try setting it on fire :wink:

it’s on my list this week.


Msg me instrested