Distillate Clarity is diminishing quickly, Turning amber in CCell Carts as well

Been having a problem with my distillate getting darker so quickly even CCell cartridges are getting darker within days. Cant seem to pin point the problem. Ive done atleast 4 batches in the past month keep running into this problem. Ive tried my results with a single pass, and a second pass with minuscule improvement in clarity but still gets dark quickly. They go from gold to amber within days. Cant seem to find a solution for this problem

Looks cloudy.


you sure you only have hearts fraction? looks cloudy like maybe there’s still heads in it


I keep some natural terpenes in there to maintain the flavor

I remove the heads completely but a tiny fraction of the tail

As in terps from the crude you ran? Gross.


Never on a first pass

I think maybe your oil is oxidizing in your carts. Maybe a reaction to the metal

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I use the exact CCell cartridges all big brand retailers use and its closed air tight once they are close you can never open them again

siliconized syringes can do this. not so much color degradation, but cloudiness anyway


what have you changed around the time this began happening, or maybe, within the month before you noticed it?


Thank you for that article, really good insight information I honestly never knew the procedure of silconization, altogether I have not changed anything. Was just curious to know if anyone else has had this experience before cant seem to pin point it sending a batch over to Testing lab to see if anything abnormal turns up

Do you degum? My carts have turned red if I don’t degum. Degummed carts stay nice and clear for months.


You sir are a fucking legend! Looked it up definently the degumming I’ve been sleeping on. Do you use citric acid as well ?


Use degumming clay. LLe with citric acid works but takes alot of washes through to get all of it.
Winterize/filter at room temp,
Winterize/filter at freezing temp,
Degum and repeat the two winterizations.
Take 1/10th freeze it down to dry ice temps, then filter, if u get more gums/fats do the whole batch, if not continue on.

Dilute in heptane/hexane 2:1 (heptane:thc)
And do LLe with ph 4,7 and 9 at 10-15% saline @ 30C.
You wanna wash with 4x ur heptane/disty volume with each ph water or until wash solution stays clear (ive done 15+ washes with ph4 and still got some red to leach out)
Then final rinse needs to be done 4x with ph 7 non saline water.


I have both the enzyme from summit and the degumming clay from carbon chemistry.

They work at different temps, so it’s more down to how you want to go about it.

The enzymes are to be kept around 50-60c, not going over 60. The clay is used around 90, meaning you do a dry scrub with it. The clay is citric acid with bentonite. I know people have had issues with disappearing products using straight citric acid, so I’d advise using any of these two.

You will do a brine wash with heptane or hexane after the degum to remove the unwanted compounds and then do a second winterize just to make sure nothing got left behind.

This can be done before first pass or between first and second for an easier and shorter process.


Going to give this stuff a try

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Nice. I think that should be used around 50c.

I do know that some have had better success with the clay and I believe @Shadownaught thinks the clay is superior, so maybe you should go with that?

I’ll have to confess that I normally never do a second pass, but I’ve seen people on here come out with water clear. I’m about to try that out with some old red first pass I have. Dunno when I’ll be able to do that though.

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Easyto make clear. Add 5-10% ac to your bf. Fraction off the blue azulene.

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