Digital Fraction Finder for Sale--Factory Certified-zero use since

Hi, the unit is essentially brand new. Updated software from manufacturer, new cables, new adapter, new sensor, in good shape. I paid almost $5000. The first $3400 takes it. In So cal.
P.S. there is an ROI paper on their site that you should consider.

Fraction-Finder-white paper.pdf (2.7 MB)

For what it is worth, and we all have too many poor customer support stories to delve in to, but this Company has been very solid to work with. Tim, who I believe is the owner, answers his phone, supports his product well IMO, and just generally seems to care.


Why are you selling?

change of roles, moving more CBD than THC. IN the new role we are using a KD30 with Stage 3. so no need for a 20L short path.

Sorry to see you go, but happy to hear you enjoyed your time! Thanks for the kind words - made my day. We believe that great tech deserves great support & your success=our success.

Hope to work with you again in the future.

Interested in buying this fraction finder please contact me 604 362 9100