Crude to distillate


hmm. See that’s what I figured would happen, but to some extent it depends on the heat transfer surface, be it a coil or whatever. If you’re interested I could tell you what he said and what I calculated. It might help you down the line and help to evaluate whether specific rotovaps can and can’t handle what oil, in case you were going to get another one someday. I suppose I should just put the info up anyway.


I use the same oil in a Chinese and a across (which is also Chinese) both are coil heated and I can’t even imagine not decarbing in the roto.


my across maxes out at 100c … how are you getting those temps ?


You have to reprogram the across ones it’s in the manual how to get to the max temp screen, or just email them it’s been so long I don’t remember how I did it


MeOH breaks down to methyl group plus OH- or (methoxy plus H+ in alkaline environment). Methylating biological systems could possibly be detrimental to life vs. ethyl group.