Clear Cannabis Derived Terpenes


So Ive been seeing a few more people getting the super pure, water like cannabis derived terps. From my understanding watching lee_brown94 insta as he has been working with head of honey, I think he is just removing the terp layer from his crystalllization and then he does a cold distillation starting at 0C with a special type of condenser or something going on. Anyone want to chime in and fill in some of the blanks for me. I think this product looks great.

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Guess you haven’t been paying attention to this thread


I’m thinking along these lines with a gas sweep to assist in extraction efficiency and prevent oxidation.


You are correct. You can take your HT sauce layer and distill it in a shortpath with super deep vac and little to no heat and youll distill the terpenes which will leave the colored impurities behind. @Future had some terpenes someone made like this and they were stupid fire. You need a TON of cold trapping power


MI’ve got a fridge filled with these. I use a different method/apparatus (company IP so no can share😞) but for you sauce makers this will work. If you’re getting 99% terpenes you’re losing good stuff (Also most labs don’t dilute essential oil samples correctly the first time. They’re used to 20% being the max) There should be a couple percent or more of other volatiles that contribute to taste. But that’s within experimental error so your oil purification tech probably preserves some of them.

If everything was just the 42 terpenes they test for, the fake blenders could almost get it right (their main problem is affordable commercially unavailable compounds and imperfect ratios of difficult to separate terpenes (the plant doesn’t screw with man made or sloppy purifications of other plant oils…unless you do it yourself it’s not guaranteed to be right). My favorite story is someone pulling out a forbidden fruit fake blend pen and telling me how bomb it was. Luckily I had a real forbidden fruit cart on me…guess which one he preferred (unfortunately, I couldn’t get him more, we do small tests that don’t ever make it to the public…).

As mentioned above CO2 terp runs give good results few people can get the quality described above.

I’m putting together a couple Cannabis derived essential oil ventures, one with @BreakingDabs abs. We have some blends available (fun to make blends with actual essential oils!) that he mentioned on IG. I hope I can send some samples of upcoming single source batches for people to compare to theirs since I’m assuming people are doing single source. I think I will keep doing blends as well, I’ve been doing single source for over a year and a half.


Some profiles produce all terpenes(jungle cake) some come back below 50% Terpenes(Durban). All smell and taste exactly like the HT they start from but are 100% water clear.

Analytics have been done through Pro Verde and is limited to their chosen compounds for analysis.


The profiles that tested 99.8% were actually pretty successfully mimicked, however these profiles were the ones the had zero entourage effect. The ones like Durban and Hells Og that tested as low as 27% Terpenes provided significant modulation but could not be reproduced with formulation.

The process is just the tool, I find the product interesting as it could help identify what other compounds are causing modulation.


If you’re pulling from sauce 27% seems too low. That sounds like a hydro distillation gone wrong, a messed up CO2 pull or lab error.

The state oriented labs will mess up the dilutions because a it’s different type of sample. I got tired of complaining since we have so many essential oil samples (1-2 per day) that could be tested. I finally found a lab that can do it right. NorCal. They don’t do state testing as of now so the crew can handle non traditional samples.

Which company mimicked cannabis essential oils successfully? I’d love to test em against the real McCoy. Most of our staff can pick out the fake stuff in one puff. A minority actual like the perfumy taste. Just like alcohol I think prices will start reflecting the origin of the essential oils. Give it 10 years and there will be a Cannabis essential oil sommelier test.


This was only done in very small batches for r&d. I agree most formulated Terpenes are horrible and are taste like perfume. I think this proves however, that many of the compounds that are causing modulation are not Terpenes. I sent you a test result through Instagram if you wish to replicate

I associated the lower terpene content of the profiles with the highest modulation(the psychoactive effect differences are extremely noticeable), to be correlated to a higher concentration of unidentified compounds that are causing the increased modulation.

To me, the whole terpene movement is only about the modulating effect to cannabinoids. I have been using the term Unidentified Volatile Entourage Compounds vs just Terpenes for a while.

Taste and smell are organoleptic tools to bioassay these compounds without further analysis. As has always been said with cannabis,from flower to hash, the nose knows best.

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Oh like these?

Floraplex Terpenes

Dude. That’s looks dank af.

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Yup that’s it

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Thanks for that. I’d like to try imitating a blend for fun.

Totally agree about the entourage effect, but I also want to emphasize a nod to the recreational aspect. I think theres a place for single cultivar or blends of cannabis derived oils just giving a desirable, complex taste to the consumer. Some people are treating these oils like fine wines or alcohols in a more recreational sense.


While I agree, we have to have consistency and identifying these compounds are key. I can walk into 99% of shops in Colorado and not find a single flower or hash that has a significant amount of these modulating compounds. Many cultivars seem to produce very low or none of these modulating compounds.

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Examples of cultivars that don’t seem to produce the modulating compounds are Purple Punch, Blue Dream, and Jungle cake.

Also almost every Citrus type profile like Tangie do not seem to produce this modulation while newer crosses like Tropicanna Cookies do display the effects.


Gentleman and ladies, I’m inspired. We gotta start an essential oil group where we share and sample each others work!


I Wonder If placing sampels treu a time of flight unit makes sense to iddentify flavonoids and other non terps that matter


Maybe time i rig the difstak to a 1 L boilingflask with vigreax and Ln2 in the condensor :grinning:

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Flavonoids are fairly high bp. One probably would not see them from something redistilled at low temp.


Low temp is relative, boiling flask temps ranged drastically by profile with stuff like Durban finishing around 80 before giving that spd cold trap type smell. The Og finished at 40C