CBG not extracting with heptane?

I crash cbg in heptane all the time

Never extracted cbg with it though

Nice. I made this CBG distillate last week but I’ve never crashed any cannabinoids out of solution, is there a thread that explains how to do it with heptane? I know there’s a ton of info on this forum for crashing in pentane or butane but I’ve never seen anything about crystallization with heptane

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Sorry Off subject but I’ve been researching a ton about making magsil, I didn’t realize how much shit in our daily lives is actually made from silicon dioxide and sodium silicate, been looking into combining sodium silicate with sand, clay, and concrete for making low cost rammed earth structures which I’ve done before but they usually crumbled pretty easy. Sodium silicate would improve the strength liie crazy. Thought you’d be interested in this for off grid low cost building materials in wake of the coronavirus, very easy to do with minimal equipment on your own land
I just built frames like you do for pouring concrete then mixed the shit in a wheelbarrow and poured it in forms and packed it like 4” at a time with a flat steel plate welded to the end of a hammer drill bit. I can make a new thread for this if anyone is interested, it gas great potential for grow structures because you can excavate where you want the building and use the shit you div up for the walls then the structure is below ground level so it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter with great R value


I had horrible results with isobutane and crc. I want to test my end results, but I also don’t want to be disappointed. So, I just stare at it and curl my lip a little.


That strawberry banana was ISO wasn’t it?

So fire

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You can use heptane just like Pentane or hexane

Id go 2:1 heptane to cbg, heat the heptane up mix in the warm cbg and then put it in the freezer

Thanks man I’ll give it a try

That was iso that I ran the strawnana with.
That came out danky.

But for some reason I got horrible results with it and cbg. That, or my media robbed it all. But, I think I got negligible returns on something that should have given me at least…something


You’re heating the solvent though which would make it a great way to crash, it’ll likely crash at room temp no?

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Not on the first crash, second crash yes

You need really high purity to crash without reducing the solubility


That’s exactly where myself and @Alphaisolations are at on our CBG r&d right now. Haven’t sent it in for testing just because we’re disappointed with the yield but we really should. We ran about 2lbs of supposedly 18% cbg flower and only yielded 20-maaaybe 30 grams by eye. Problem is, it’s too sappy to even scrape up and collect so it’s stuck on the slick sheet atm.

Was yours that sappy or was it stable?

Thank you man that worked amazing, most of the crystals formed within the first hour in the freezer but i left it in for a couple days to see what would happen. 20g distillate with 40ml of heptane, rough 2:1 ratio. Can the residual heptane be purged in a vac oven or does it need a 2nd pass?


Did 200g this time, this shit works crazy fast

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This was the cbg crude i made into the distillate i posted pics of

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Id crash a second time for purity, on the second crash you don’t even need to put it in the freezer, it’ll crash as the heptane cools


Just at room temp? Or should i keep it slightly warm in an incubator like it says in the jar tek thread?

Do the same sop above but let it cool by itself (do not put it in the freezer)

Since you have such a high potency it’ll crash as the heptane cools

Yea i get that but was asking if room temp is good or if slightly warm would be better. Thanks

Room temp is perfect