CBD Isolation



You can fully isolate material in less than 30mins ?

Top player you are.


We can fully isolate distillate, or very clean crude in less than 30m. Should have been more specific.

Nothing to brag about, I know there are people out there doing it better and faster, but I’m just happy because it was all thank to hard work.


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15 min bruhh😉


That seem about right. CBD in high concentrations isolates rather quickly. I’ve done crystallization in about the same time using simple temp swings. Hot to cold, hot to slowly increase saturation then cold to help facilitate precipitation/crashing of the CBD. I bet cold boiling would be a solid choice and is what I will be experimenting with as soon as I get my Hemp lab running. Full vac in a pressure chamber running -40c in the jacket. It seems like you could then slowly bring the temp to ambient while increasing pressure.