Cart filling questions

The headspace issue is less of a concern as we’ve had plenty that result in being full

And the reply on the percentage of terpenes makes sense, that answers my question and I appreciate the help

Imo you’re wrong on in that assessment.

You got not response to the ratio because; it’s not actually an issue. so long as you always calculate it the same way.

Not getting your carts to LOOK full can be.

Led you to water. What you choose to do with it is between you and our local veterinary equipment vendor

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Determining the ratio is done by making up some test carts. (My setup shown above).

Decisions are based on taste and viscosity. Too low and your carts leak. Too high and they don’t prime. You’ve got to run them to figure it out…changing carts can change your target viscosity.

Yes, gravimetric is generally easier than volumetric when it comes to precision.

1.000g is generally easier to achieve than 1.00ml (which is why your COAs show mg/g or %by mass), but that depends on the equipment you have on hand.


Here is some solid info on the subject from CCELL
They say that topping off that headspace can actually lead to leakage which I was not aware of

Cart itself is 1.25g and the coil can absorb up to .15g

And for the terpene mixing I have always done weight but either way should work fine. (Be cautious with plastic syringes, silicone plungers as terpenes will break them down) I think accuracy is close enough each way. I tend to do things by weight so I don’t even have to think of density/volume

How are you mixing the terpenes and distillate together?

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I do use ccells, I’ll check that out again although I think I have. I was familiar with the fact that the carts that appear under filled are not under filled, I’ve seen other places with the same information

I was heating the distillate first so it can flow, then add the terpenes, but as others suggested it may be that the actual total potency of the terpenes is necessary as it could be 90% or something

Can you rephrase please. This makes no sense.

Unless by “terpenes” you (sometimes) mean “hte” which can have a lot of cannabinoids.

What if I told you the density of disty varies with temperature?

That part of that “under-fill” was that your “shoots 50x 1ml” delivered less mass as the temp rose…


Idk if anyone has mentioned this - cut your cart foam into quarters and cap quickly. Once capped flip them upside down til their viscosity inhibits flow. You’ll still get pre wick but it won’t be so much.


What if I told you the density of disty varies with temperature?

I would say I don’t understand why can you explain further

Edit maybe I just don’t fully understand density. Which is another reason why I use weight


Liquids expand and contract as temperature changes. As the temperature increases, liquids often expand and take up a greater volume.

If you pour 100g of a liquid into a graduated cylinder at temperature X, it will be equal to some volume. Now if you warm that same 100g up to 30C greater than the temperature you started at, you should notice the volume being occupied by that liquid has increased.

Since density is a relationship between weight and volume, your density value should actually decrease as temperature increases. Notice the 100g remains the same weight at temperature X and temperature X + 30C yet the volume (or the denominator in the ratio) has increased.

Thus 100g/100mL would be 1g/mL whereas let’s say the new volume at temperature X + 30C is now 105mL, your density would now be 100g/105mL or 0.9524g/mL.

This is why when you calibrate equipment like pipettes that are dispensing small volumes of liquids, you often use water that is equilibrated at a specific temperature and a known density at that temperature, so you can verify the volume being dispensed is accurate based on the expected weight.

Hopefully this was an explanation easy to follow…it’s been a long day so far.

Edit I personally find using w/w ratio’s much more convenient. If you have a very thick or viscous liquid, the weight is the weight…but you definitely don’t know if you’ve fully dispensed all of the volume if you are measuring it and pouring.


Yes thermal expansion. Heating the lid of the pickle jar up to accelerate the molecules causing them to bounce off each other and expand it so it loosens easier. So cold distillate shrinks

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Yes…I couldn’t tell if your comment about not understanding density was facetious or serious, so I gave a serious reply haha.

Furthermore, from my experience in chemical formulation, it’s very uncommon for potencies of active ingredients to be provided in a form other than %w/w. So there is convenience and support to be both accurate and precise by just weighing all your liquids before combining them.


And both were well answered by the first response. (Thank you @TheTomatoGuy!)

If you still haven’t wrapped your head around why the cart farmer is superior to the 50 shot, and insist on “more automagic”, consider looking at another device that gets good reviews around here: Jet-Fueler Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler

We’d love you to level up together… but by all means ignore the koolaid you’ve been offered if that’s what brings you joy.



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I had better results flipping upside down immediately after filling and capping, but BEWARE: make sure your carts are fully capped and sealed lol

If solid water was more dense than liquid water (true for most other stuff), or even if water at 1C was dense as it is as 4C, life on this planet just wouldn’t work.


Get a cf50, lower temp, higher viscosity, flip after filling. Don’t act all big and knowledgeable if you can’t even figure out how to mix properly without your hand being held.


Its very noticeable when pouring liters hot in media bottles and going by weight and seeing the line once it has cooled.


Lol am I shilling?

Ahh I proved your point