C1d1 question

I have a couple 8x8x8 booths bein put in , was wondering if anyone knows what the “standards” for a c1d1 booth would be

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BTU is a unit for measuring heat energy.

Can you elaborate a little on your question? What specifically are you trying to spec out?

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if you are talking about air exchanges, 6x per hour is the norm for C1D1

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Sorry I’m not guru in this type of field of hvac, and I’m talking about air exchanges trying to figure out what amount of pressure I need to take out of each booth I apologize
How much for the intake and outtake basically

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8x8x8 booth = 512 Cubic Feet

512 cu. ft * 6 air changes per hour = 3072 Cubic Feet per Hour of air being moved or 51 CFM

Make sure your exhaust is balanced with your intake. I.E. if you’re exhausting 51 CFM, then make sure you’re replacing 51 CFM on the intake.

This is all assuming @anon64373531 6x per hour requirements. I can tell you as someone who manages C1D1 booth builds for a living, this is HEAVILY dependent on where you’re at and who’s doing the inspecting and approval.

My advise is to reach out to your local fire marshall first and find out directly from them what their requirements are.


I seriously appreciate the breakdown helps me see it a lot better … and I defiantly will follow up with them


100% this - mine requires 10 ACH not 6 ACH. 6 ACH is like normal manufacturing activities - and may not be enough to facilitate incidental fumes.

Also - just because that’s your air requirement it might not be enough to handle your non-flammable fumes (aka if you are using Dry Ice, you may need more to keep your CO2 levels below 5000 TWA).

I’ve got two rooms - one that they care about this A LOT and one that there wasn’t a requirement for the room at all. Would be awesome if there was a standard they all used…

The NFPA has a whole section on cannabis facilities which discusses this stuff now… probably they are using it. Certainly in Michigan they are - as they are passing sections of this updated 2021 NFPA standard when they tell me I need to do more than I’m already doing.


Solid reply


I will also tell you that Fire Marshalls are WAAAAAYYYYY more willing to work with you on things when you talk to them ahead of time, instead of having them find out about it on their own.

At the end of the day they just want to keep people safe, and being forthcoming about what you’re trying to do goes a long way to building that trust.


is this NFPA 420 I’ve been hearing about? I didn’t think this was official quite yet.


Totally official.

Came out with NFPA Vol 1 - Fire Safety - Chapter 38 Cannabis. :slight_smile: Its not chapter 420, though that would have been pretty cool. But it is its own chapter and its came out the first time in 2018 and it just had an excellent update for 2021. <3

Here’s the article when this first came out in 2018.

Still waiting on more standards beyond this one - the ASTM stuff is looking decent. Seeing people working on it a lot and the standards make good engineering and science sense to me so far. You should join D37 if you are interested in standards and things. :smiley:


NFPA 420 is the proposed standard, not yet adopted


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Great reply @mcpikeig one thing that needs to be accounted for is keeping a slight negative pressure in the room and not positive, you need that outlet pulling more cfms than the intake.