Bucket Tek (Cold Ethanol Extraction on a Budget)



Clothes washer


I was going to use this as a centrifuge.

I was actually wondering about replacing the rotovap. It looks like I’ll need a 20l to really produce quantity, but that’s a lot of $…


You’ll defiantly want the 30l.
I like these better than the panda


Thank you :+1:


Have you used it? If so, what are the returns?


Years ago…I remember it was similar to the panda. Nothing too special here, just better materials. I would defiantly over clock it too, you’ll get more back.


Could you just do bucket tech in two Pandas?


assuming the wetted path and bearings were appropriate. which requires a tear-down. chances are they’re not. filling the bowl with solvent is a slightly different game than just running solvent out of your biomass and through the sides of the basket. given that the Panda was never meant to be full of water, the bearings may not be as well sealed as on a machine that expects the bearings to be submerged during normal operation.

The NSEP was also not designed for a bowl full of solvent, and might suffer similar issues. (not a problem if you’re soaking your biomass elsewhere…)


I go with the all-mesh bubble bags. Been working great. Also, doing this, my tech is a bit modified from this SOP. I actually only use the panda to pull the last cup of solvent out of the bag.


Thanks. Seems like a lot of fuss to save a small step. I’ll stick to buckets :slight_smile:

I got the all mesh bags from amazon.


Can you recommend a quantity of dry ice required for 2 gallon ethanol extraction?


i hav a post that this comes up alot about why nobody uses copper condensers seeing as they are cheaper easier and more plentiful but the r some potential downsides that cause most people to stay away.
i use to teach people how to make beer and wine and the first thing i ever designed was a still lol


it can inject pressurized liquid/gas co2 which can hav the same effect lol
co2 is used as a refrigerant and if you look at a co2 extraction machine it literally has the same layout as a phase change refrigeration system. so if you have a co2 machine u already hav what you need to deep freeze ethanol


i use pid’s lik this all the time they r very good once you program them correctly. the 20$ one keeps my temps within about a degree once they have reached steady state so i dont think a high precision one is necessary. most of these pid come with a smart function which can autoset the p/i/d variables for you which is great but mostly just gets u in the ballpark and u still hav to tune it for best performance. the big thing is they are super sensitive to sensor placement. personally i lik using many sensors then either averaging them or switch inputs so u hav a manual-ish control over the mode they r in. you can also add a timer module in series for safety


I like the linked Auber controller because it includes the timer in the same unit.


its def a cool peice of tek im not hating


I’ve had to download the manual at least 1/2 dozen times. Last time I interacted with the still my only example of this unit is hooked to, I discovered that the operator had managed to put it in refrigeration mode, so it was turning OFF to heat things…which for some reason wasn’t recovering much ethanol :slight_smile:

what surprised me most is how quickly I figured it out.


2 blocks would probably get you there. You might buy 3 just in case until you get it down.


You do think creatively. Nice.


Nope, they will fllood and pour out the sides. Dont drown the Panda!