Brit wanting to buy cbd flower any going guy?

Hello long time reader 1st time posting, great forum lots to learn. So I had been importing cbd flower from alibaba, last order was 2 pounds and still got loads left but the seller is no longer active and can’t find flower on alibaba any more must be some rule change…

Allways brought shake to save money was 90 dollars a pound from last supplier but I don’t know the current value so happy to pay what ever it’s worth.

If you can sell me shake or know somone that can please do let me know, it’ll be greatly appreciated. This time I’ll stock up so that I hopefully never have to re order again. Never wanna run out of that lovely stuff.

Thanks for reading
Hit me up :slightly_smiling_face:


If memory serves, you guys are required to have flower under .2% THC.

That will exclude most all of the hemp produced in the United States. I believe there may be a couple swiss flower producers here, but they are not very active. I have read on the methods used by the swiss to reduce THC from their hemp, and its pretty nasty stuff. Unless you must have flower, id go with distillate. there are ample suppliers on this site that can ship you <.2% thc distillate

Heres some info about how they make compliant EU flower


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Thank you for the information

Yes old blighty has crazy rules, didn’t know about the washing process but Matthew sense. As a weed somone I like cbd flower as a substitute espically when cheap, smoke it in a vape or use as tobacco as I know I need to smoke something but not be wasted. Would like to try non flushed cbd flower well worth a holiday.

Have a few hundred grams of cbd distillate powder and broad spec cbd goo but not sure how to process it to smoke so have to looked it up.

Guess the principle is to try get the most natural untainted cbd and consume it. I know I shouldn’t smoke but after quiting tobacco taking cbd is a pleasant volice and a seemingly necessary pastime especially when drinking and socilising

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Well, best of luck then!