75LBS Centrifuge In LA stock

The 20th shipment to Spain and 40th shipment to USA before CNY.

They should arrive in about one and half a month.

PPTD-135 is in stock.

All centrifuges are in discount for March promotion now~

Only one set is available.

Hi Anyone interested in this model?
This one is really popular~

Single Layer
Glass Reactor
30L Single Layer Glass Reactor with oil bath F-30L 220V/50Hz
50L Single Layer Glass Reactor with oil bath F-50L 220V/50Hz
100L Single Layer Glass Reactor with oil bath F-100L 220V/50Hz
SS Jacketed Decarboxylation kettle Stainless Steel Jacketed Decarboxylation kettle
316L SS-100L
Crystallization Reactor Crystallization Reactor FY-50/20 220V/50Hz
Crystallization Reactor FY-100/20 220V/50Hz
Heater/Chiller 50L
GDX 50/30 220V/50Hz
GDX 50/40 220V/50Hz
Short Path SPD Short Path Distillation Kit SPD-2L 220V/50Hz
SPD-5L 220V/50Hz
SPD-10L 220V/50Hz
SPD-20L 220V/50Hz
Double condenser SPD Short Path Distillation Kit with Pirani Vacuum Gauge D-SPD-20L 220V/50Hz
Rotary Vane
Vacuum Pump
2XZ-2 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for D-SPD-2 2XZ-2 220V/50Hz
Heating mantle Magnetic stirring heating mantle ZNCL-T-20L 220V/50Hz
Heater Circulating heating oil bath GYY-5L 220V/50Hz
GYY-30L 220V/50Hz
GYY-50L 220V/50Hz
GYY-100L 220V/50Hz

It’s still in stock.
DM me please.