Yarr Hemp Pirates


"This is wrong on so many levels,” the statement read. “If you see a product for sale with our logo outside a licensed Arizona dispensary, it ain’t us.”

Yeah okay buddy everyone knows everybody backdoors product you ain’t foolin’ me.


How do you back door d8?

"Our license allows us to sell only in the state of Arizona, only to licensed (cannabis) dispensaries,” Slosburg said. “Everything we’re doing is to be the trusted delta-8 source.” About the fake Cheetos, Slosburg said: “Just like anything, you probably don’t want to put it in your body if you really don’t know where it came from.”

Probably like this.

You don’t

Imagine getting a rec license to make d8


I’d rather not. I like not having a headache.


Imagine being without one if Hemp decides to ban it.


You mean like everyone else is banning it regardless of rec licenses?

You are so savvy that you should hold seminars for weed investors hungry for all that top level knowledge you have.

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You sound like you want to buy the first ticket. I’ll save your seat.


Make sure you get permission from your daddy first

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Last I checked business is in my name too. Maybe worry about some job interviews.

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Start your recruiting firm! Wish you the best.


Especially when you consider the cost of the rec license versus a hemp license in AZ :joy:

I’m sure it solves a lot of legal protection problems but damn, you can make d8 in AZ legally with a med card (thanks State v Jones!).

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wait you guy’s have licenses???

and all this time I thought they were a fantasy!

-some random out of touch wook from the 80’s

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What a pleasant thread this shifted gears into.

I knew you were into daddy stuff @moveweight


@hanselll want to tackle this one?

I was surprised to see the article was about stealing other people’s brands. I’m more concerned about fake COAs. I know I’ve gotten at least one converted liter and should have known better.


All faking a COA requires is photoshop tbh

And a lot of free time

More effort to fake it then actually getting a real one

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