WTS: Falling Film Evaporator


Trance-Lucent Labs, LLC™ is now providing Falling Film Evaporators (FFE) assembled and tested here at our facility in the USA. We want to offer these units at a lower cost than our competitors, while still maintaining the highest quality.

  1. The Trance-Lucent™ FFE has ethanol distillation & recovery rates of 35-45 Gallons Per Hour (GPH), depending on accessories selected. Larger sizes are being tested currently and will be available for sale immediately. Eliminate the need for clunky rotovap bottlenecks in your lab and scale up!

  2. We have selected the highest possible quality of American manufactured heating and cooling accessories to pair with the FFE to achieve the best possible recovery rates.

  3. Each unit is hand tested and assembled by us personally to meet our high standard of safety, efficacy, and compliance. You will receive an assembled machine that is ready to be installed. We now have a proven track record and customer references available for multiple Trance-Lucent™ FFE’s that we have successfully installed in the USA.

  4. You will receive full training to operate the unit as a turn-key distillation device, and an in-person demo trial can be arranged on every order. We offer free lifetime technical support and quality assurance, as well as a 1-year manufacturer warranty for defects.

  5. We are not your typical “big fish” FFE manufacturer looking to charge you an arm and a leg, we are humble cannabis extraction veterans who use and understand the products we sell, with significant achievements in the extraction and cannabinoid distillation industry since 2013.

  6. Our prices are among the very lowest in the industry; however, our 316 Stainless Steel combined with top of the line auxiliary components come together to produce a high-quality machine that is identical (if not superior) to the other more expensive FFE manufacturers on the market. Our company mission is to provide reasonable prices for the highest possible quality.


Trance-Lucent™ Turn-Key FFE: $95,000

Trance-Lucent™ Stand-Alone FFE: $58,000

Optional Installation Fee: $3,000

Shipping Costs: To be determined by freight carrier of your choice, shipping worldwide
(UPS, Fedex, etc.)

Shipping Origin: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OKC)

Important: Stand-Alone FFE requires additional auxiliary components to fully function.

(Pricing for larger FFE units will be available once our larger pilot unit is fully manufactured and tested! We will be uploading videos periodically on how to operate the machine. These videos will be open for all to view and tagged/posted for Future4200 members in a thread, on the forum)

Electrical Cooling Specifications:
220 volts
40 amps

Electrical Pump Specifications:
Single-phase or 3-phase
220 volts
20 amps

Heating Specifications:
Propane Heating, using the largest deliverable propane tank size that is economical for you and your operation.

Physical Dimensions:

FFE: 820 lbs. – 4.2ft x 4.1ft x 8.4ft

Cooling: 5,000 lbs. – 8ft x 3.2t x 6.4ft

Heating size dimensions: Variable depending on Propane tank size, as large as possible is recommended to reduce frequency of tank refills.

If your growing company is in the market for the highest possible quality FFE, but you do not want to be price gouged by ruthless equipment manufacturers, we are grateful and happy to serve you. If you desire to deal business with an American based company and have a headache-free professional installation, we are the Trance-Lucently™ clear* choice.

Thank you,

Jack Forester
Owner, Trance-Lucent Labs™”

DM me and I can forward a zip file of pre-assembly and post assembly pics (~27 pics), I can’t upload a zip file :frowning: If you have any questions, feel free to hit my line y’all! Sales Director, Lab tech, employee of the month… every month :sunglasses::joy:

– CS💧

HAHAHAHAHA! :sweat_smile::rofl::joy::clown_face::clown_face:
sorry bro ur like 2 years too late. Thats wayyyyy to expensive.

Theres threads on here on how to build your own.
I made my 30gph for 20k…

Can u tell us how yours is different from @CEMAINSTRUMENT
I have a feeling ur just @FallingFormulations new scam account


Sal good bro, just putting it out there. Can’t hate on good customer service and manufacturer that’s available to talk and resolve any issues if need be :slight_smile:

actually lots of us here can hate on that, expecially if were charged 30k for the “consulting” cuz this machine is 15-20k from cema.
Sounds like it would be better to buy a cema then hire a consultant, youd still be half as expensive as what your asking

Settin my price and livin my life! Hate if you want, we’re just tryna do business brother. oh, especially* :wink:

I feel like this needs to be said, and should have been said before I posted it. So thank you @thetetraguy like many others, we entered the market by purchasing an FFE and reverse engineering it while improving upon the design where possible. The “35GPH” is the BASE of what the machine’s capability is. In reality, the machine is ~45GPH of recovery but I did not want to be misleading, so I chose to upload the latter in an attempt to be transparent. Hopefully this answers some questions, and please. I’d love to engage in conversation in DM’s just to keep the forum thread clean.

Its far too late! All you FFE companies already raped and pillaged the canna community.

Even Bizzy Bee and Yellowstone are just as bad charging like x10 markup lol…

Membranes are here!

Just as bad as the suits…


Solid comment :joy: but this is far from a rape or pillage brother. I’m ecstatic that membranes are present! it doesn’t take a clear scientist, pun, to see the value in our offering :smiley:


Regarding The shit sintered filter (applied for CRC),We did make from V1.0 to V2.0 and Now V3.0 Coming.

V1.0 tested ok
V2.0 tested very good.
V3.0 Tested by @Idab916 @StoneD @Concentrated_humbold @The_Lone_Stiller

At least now 2050+ sintered filter service in USA and Canada industry.

Hope more creative idea into Cema Workshops.

Keep up Innovations.

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Sent my version 3 to be upgrade at indofab. A proper weld
:disappointed_relieved: but thanks to indofab it had proper welds and passivated

Look at these welds…u told me to review so here u go

Here’s a mid fix pic of the new weld beside old welds

Notice the bead indofab is leaving vs the version 3 bubble gum barely holding it together

Thanks to indofab I have working plate.

U told me to be honest

So tbh honest I’d buy straight from indofab to begin w

Fixed by @Indofab

The original crc

IlI’ll post complete side by side before and after indofab saved this plate for me

Thanks indofab


Damn bro. Legit review. Word to @Indofab. Get it.


The v3 filter from cema doesn’t have welds to begin with its the v2 that does, but those welds did look shitty. I seen indofabs video on ig definitely way better quality. The v3 is the one with removable center




Regardless version 2 or 3 I could chewed bubble gum up better to hold it

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To clarify any confusion going on in this thread, these communications difficulties with Chinese vendors are the exact reason we felt our company could be of use.

We have taken upon the FFE schematic from Cema to customize and improve it to achieve maximum gallons per hour. We use high grade imported steel that is pressure tested by us IN America, THAT is inspected by our in-house welder, as well as 3rd party welders that are certified & graduated from the Tulsa welding school, for quality welds on the Tube & Shell Condenser and elsewhere. We handle everything on the back-end so that you do not have to deal with the difficult processes of dealing with foreign steel companies or worry about your machine breaking and having no recourse. Choosing us for your FFE needs mean guaranteeing that you have a high quality, guaranteed-to-work machine, at the lowest possible price for us to make this happen. We’ll continue to keep innovating and bringing creative ideas to the industry along with sharing our services for anyone interested.

WE DO NOT do business with Cema Instrument, our steel is now imported from a different manufacturer of higher quality, and ALL steel is thoroughly inspected and pressure tested HERE in the USA.

Thank you… & thank you for the bumps :smiley::sunglasses:

Soooo basically you just admitted you stole their design? Why not innovate…

I agree with the posters above ; your too late to the game.

@RockSteady That’s a very “simple” response to a complex thread. There’s always a base model, a Prototype that is stripped, ensured, improved, tested, understood, sometimes TOTAL components replaced, or upgraded, etc… that is innovation? :smiley:We’ve done exactly what we’ve said, and thank you for helping us define “innovate” properly!!!

i see no innovation here. just a bog standard FFE. get back to me when you incorporate something groundbreaking.

edit: a picture is worth a 1000 words.

soooo whats different? ive litteraly seen this design sold by like 5 different compaines :man_shrugging:
no attempt at heat scavenging? no modifications to the vapor path? no attempt at integrated preheater? no fancy electronics or IOT? BORING.


Yeah atleast mine tells me flow rate and liquid temp real time… get with the times bro
Thats so 2019

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