WTS: Custom Lab Workspaces

Item Model/Manufacturer: Custom electric, plumbing, and carpentry lab space buildouts (10x20 or 10x40)
Description: Custom lab workspaces for small and large processors. Containers can be moved into a larger building or simply outside one’s home.
Price/MSRP: $37,500 (shipping not included)
Current location of item: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Estimated lead time: 30-45 Days
Fulfillment: We can liaison transportation at no additional fees although cost will be incurred by buyer for shipping services.
User support / Warranty: Guaranteed operational function on drop off/install.

Additional Information: Pictures provided are from a custom buildout

This was a custom buildout with fire retardant walls, insulation, paint, and electric cables. Only thing flammable is the wood used to frame the pieces and even then those are flame retardant. We’ve tried to ensure safety with every step of our process AND comfortability. This unit is a finished container that was never used and for sale.

Anybody experienced with working in explosive proof containers knows how much of a sweatbox foam walls, no walls, no insulation, A/C, or any accommodations for comfortability can be. Let us work with you to design and manufacture your own workspace today. We do it all in house, every single step. Provided are the pictures with this specific buildout, thanks. Hope you find solace in knowing this is not a transactional relationship, but one where we take pride in building exactly what you need.


These look better off as tiny homes that labs

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oh for sure, we were thinking office spaces or w/e a person needs. tiny home is cool too :sunglasses: