WTB wiped film unit

Show me what you got, used, new, Chinese, USA made- considering all options.

Has anyone used the lab1st units sold on eBay?


I see you big dog. What’s your budget what size you looking for

staying cheap as poss-
budget is flexible, depends on what throughput it looks to have

4” or 6” I’m assuming? Scared of Chinese wipers as your gonna have to fix some major issue every run and constantly have vaccuum leaks. So I’ve been told. And definitely only buy the actual unit there all pumps and such should be avoided like the plague from China for sure. Glad to see you making moves son. Gonna have to fly you out next month when our labs done to check it out and hit the beach


have a like new 2 inch POPE asking 25k OBO … located in Las Vegas NV

Cool i work a lot with second hand equipment main isseu i have is parts and gaskets
Bought a german build unit with 30 liter per hour treuput but now that i need parts and gaskets i start regretting a bit
The damn unit won t be ready for this season so be carefull what. You buy
Best prices can be found outside of the cannabis scene but well yes all of the above

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lab1st actually has higher pricing compare to other Chinese manufacture.
You can check out https://www.alibaba.com/ , just type in wipe film distillation. It will list all Chinese wipe film manufacture in coupe of pages. Ask each of them to send you a quote and compare. All their quality are similar, but there is a few company you need to avoid for sure.

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Also ask for reference ‘s they love to tell who they supply, usually. Got bhogart and across equipment for pennies on the dollar from there supplier

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Any Chinese wiped film suppliers you would recommend or avoid?

We could produce wiped film sir, pls dm me for your email address, then I could send all models with price.

We used senco over a decade ago, havent been doing it for a long while. The senco’s were single pass with no prep and would do about a liter per 18hrs. I know that seems long for whats out now so it just depends on tour needs. We were pulling thc at 137-40c once the parameters were figured out. Used a turbo molecular pump and a roughing pump. I know of 1 for sale local to us maybe even 2

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A liter every 18 hours is insanely slow

Yea it is, this was 10 yrs ago and it was worth it and only having to do 1 pass on one machine. We only knew to dewax, we never scrubbed or any powders etc. Also depends on how much you need to make. They worked back then just fine but if i was continuing down this path i would be looking at something else. They did there job but now not af all efficent if your trying to mass produce.