Wtb thcp

What is the story on this one? CBDP as well. I have seen it on IG.

doesn’t thcp send you into withdrawal

It’s probably found in very small quantities, and nobody knows it’s there. Landrace varieties would be a good place to start looking if one has the analytical capabilities. I’m thinking of going the genetic route by looking at another species which produces a very similar precursor.

Oh you mean this?

We can test for it now if we have a standard for it


This is super interesting

So it’s not a controlled substance because of the farm bill?

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That’s not what I read I read < 0.3%

“This item has been tested to contain ≤0.3% Δ9-THC on a dry weight basis meeting the 2018 Farm Bill requirements to be a non-controlled substance in the U.S.”

According to this since there’s no d9 thc its not a controlled substance

i think the operative words are “less than or equal to .3% thc on dry weight basis”; but as you know to be safe it’d better come with a paper trail to a hemp source

Since its not scheduled and this sample of THCP is not meant for human consumption its not controlled under the CSA. In order for a molecule to be considered for the CSA it has to be made for human consumption.

Theres multiple ways around the CSA


Ways around do not always mean free from potential charges… just sayin’.

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Yep! Being in Indiana, we have to look for any advantage and this might be a huge one.