WTB THC free broad spectrum CBD distillate.

Looking for prices on Broad spectrum CBD distillate. Must be THC free.
Email is RobertJCook32@gmail.com

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If you source distillate I can have it processed to remove the THC. 35kg minimum, ~85% yield. The THC is destroyed via incineration. 10 day turnaround.

is that an autocorrect on isomerization?

an obfuscation on thermal degradation?

joking on we’re smoking?

Toll thc removal certainly seems like something folks are looking for…

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Nope, no autocorrect or obfuscation. I literally mean that after we remove the THC, we destroy it in an incinerator so as to remain as inline with the law as possible. We are not in the THC business. :slight_smile:

To be clear, we use a form of chromatography to separate all THC containing fractions and either deliver the resulting primarily high CBD fractions or can homogenize them together at the clients request. Also, by 85% yield what I mean is that ~15% of the CBD is lost during the process. Loss is often less but I don’t promise better than 85% efficiency.

It’s definitely something that I should spend more time advertising as I agree there seems to be a strong demand for it. I’ve been busy with some non-cannabinoid projects the past year + half and have been getting back to it recently and should begin building a new full service hemp facility in Oregon soon. For now, just THC removal.

We can run 35-40kg per day. The cost is $1k per input kg. Fully decarbed CBD distillate is the only product we currently work with but we’re doing R&D on non-decarbed products such as highly purified CBD-a oils.

It’s always in the clients best interest to provide the highest potency starting material as we charge based on input mass not per milligram of CBD. You’ll get more bang for your buck sending me 85% CBD vs. 65% CBD distillate. With that said I have had clients send a few hundred kilos of crude that we decarbed and successfully ran, but that hasn’t been profitable since CBD pricing dropped well below 1 cent per mg about 2 years ago.


I do always wonder if people think I’m telling a joke when I say we incinerate the THC lol

I’m not that funny and I’d be way too stoned all the time.

“incineration” is the appropriate (mandated in SOP) response for a whole lot of unwanteds. And yeah, it reads strangely in this case.

SOP says we incinerate contaminated tincture?

Guess that means I pour the MCT in the fuel tank of my mercedes and incinerate it then :wink: