WTB Organic CBG Biomass (must be USDA certified)

The post says it all. Looking for someone with USDA Certified Organic CBG biomass for us to process. Will purchase smaller quantities or do splits on larger ones. Reply or DM to discuss.

Is there such a thing?

I hope so. There’s USDA certified Organic CBD material, so I figure it can be done for CBG too. There are a few websites that claim to have it, but who knows on whether that’s the truth or not.

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We know a grower that had certified organic CBG. We turned into organic certified crude for her. She may still have some crude if you are looking for that?

How many lbs are you looking for? All we do is specialize in USDA biomass, bulk ingredients and finished goods.

We have 32k lbs. of 100% USDA Certified White CBG harvested in 2020. How much is a small quantity?

We also have approximately 200kgs. of each CBG and CBGA in full-spec crude. We are distilling product next week. C of A below:

306.pdf (966.9 KB) 309.pdf (975.9 KB)

Probably looking for about 250-500 lbs at the moment. Depends on price of course.

small organic farmer here, what % cbg are you looking for

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Looking for 7%+, nothing too special.

Where are you located

Did you ever connect with your cbg search

What price is you’re range you want to pay. I have plenty my number is 9709485379 alberto