WTB: Licensed crude

Looking to fulfill a bulk order of license to license ethanol/Winterized THC crude. Looking for direct connection.

Hey Devin. I would be happy to help

Are you in CA?

Colorado, but shipping isn’t an issue

I can get you crude oil

I got some located in Chatsworth.

@Usctrojans I’M in LA you still got crude ?

Send me info please
I’m in Palm Springs

Hey we are a licensed manufacturer of ethanol crude. We can provide up to 50L per week. Typically Cat 3, winterized, decarbed, and carbon scrubbed. However we can also produce to your specs.

Feel free to email me. thomas@emeraldbayextracts.com

Call me please


Available in Concord CA
100+L/week @$2,990 METRC compliant