WTB: GC-FID for in-house analytics

I’m in the market for a gc-fid for in-house cannabinoid analytics before sending off to third party. I’d love to buy an SRI 310mm but don’t have the cash for that currently. Looking to see if there are any used options out there. Thanks!

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Used 310 SRI GC?

What would you like to spend?



This lead mad old summer. What’s the price on a cannabinoid GC used?


Thanks @SummerSRI , I ended up getting the funds and buying a new 310mm maybe 2 months after this post. Since then I’ve also added a 8610 to the stable; great extendable machines!


@vortal I’ll find out. No guarantees there any in stock.
What are you trying to spend?

@dp621 Nice! Take care or those syringes! DM me if you’re open minded to curating your syringe collection and other small parts orders.