WTB CBG Crude/Distillate

Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone had some CBG distillate or crude for sale?

Looking for about 10-20Kg depending on price.

Located in Colorado

Hit up @ZizzleB


Thanks brother, I appreciate the reference.

@CO_Chromatography would you rather have crude or disty?


The following prices are based on orders of 10+ liter/kilos:

$5500 CBG Isolate
$4500 CBG Distillate
$3250 CBG Crude

Please let me know if you need additional information. Thanks!

Hi thanks for reaching out,

Ideally looking for crude.

We can do $3200/kg on crude.
Decarb Winterized CBG Crude, Full Panel.pdf (527.3 KB)

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do you have a full coa on the CBG crude and details on your extraction?

thank you!

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You got any for sale?

Yes 1850/L. I have 100’s of liters.

@Mosaic_Co-Labs its starting price. Bulk orders we drive price even lower.


$1850 for CBG Crude? Do you also have CBG Isolate and Distillate?

76% winterized/decarbed.

Iso/disty was sold. Can do another run but cbg sucks.

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Why do you say that?? What sucks about it?

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yawn Cannabinoids bore me. Lol

Lol :rofl: okay okay. so what intrigues you then?? I’m curious.

Cannabinoids just pay the bills.

I’m into refinery’s and industrial uses of hemp. It’s what I’ve focused on the past two years.

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Like making fuel??

One of the projects.


I like it. That’s sick. Crush on brotha. :metal:

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Thanks brotha :facepunch: