WTB: California licensed CAT 3 Trim


I work for a cannabis product manufacturer in Oakland who is looking for a consistent weekly supply of sugar trim. We pay between $8 - $9 per THC %. We are looking to buy a minimum of 250lb of trim on a weekly basis. Can you become our main supplier or lead us in the right direction? Let me know.

$8-$9 per % plus tax??

Yes. Our company will absorb the tax costs. We need our supply to be fully compliant with CA state laws and their material logged into Metrc.

That Means you offer pay $99+$46 for 11% Trim?
Around $9+$4 = $13 per percentage of THC?

Yes. $8 - $9 depending on quality. We prefer no fan leaf / water leaf.

+1 916 778 5112