WTB 100lb CBD biomass in Oregon

l’m looking for CBD biomass doesn’t need to be tested, ideally cheap trim in the Southern Oregon area.

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3.90 a % testing between 12-18%. minimum of 100,000 lbs.

Thank you for the response, but that’s a bit much for me I’m pretty small scale. I’m only looking for 20-40 lbs to start and scaling up to 200lbs/week.

I have someone for this. Email me at chad@hempicated.com and I will forward his info. He is located in Oregon and owns a small farm with amazing products.

I am looking for 500,000 lbs of biomass please email me at altafebrahim@gmail.com to discuss.

Hemp biomass ranges between $1.80-$5.00 % depending on quality and quantity.

That’s why knowing how much you want to pay per % and how much quantity, plus where you’re located and who supplies transportation.
Then can you provide POF, after we share COA’s? That’s the big question!

We have hemp biomass 1 and 2 CBD % is 9.23 and THC Delta is .29 . We have 555 of bio one which is strictly buds and there’s also screened kieff included in that total but it’s separated from the buds and then we have 4300 pounds of bio 2 ground up stalks that were clean and dried if interested message me or call 4582210134

We’re Medford, let me know the details… Name’s Kyle, 310-740-5503.