Worst Taste Scenario

A little play on words there, sorry…

Anyways, if you were to reclaim some oil from a bunch of old cartidges you have laying around, what would be your preffered method to “clean up” that relaimed oil?? Bulk solvent has been removed after a few passes through a Buchner funnel, but it’s a pretty dark, nasty-smelling concoction of multiple oil types/grades. Ultimate goal would be a couple distillation passes to remove any residual terps/ unwanteds.

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Depends on what it was cut with.

No cutting agents used… just CO2/alcohol extract and terps

I would just winterize and re-distill.


Is it correct to think that carbon filtration can help remove flavors/unwanted things? Even if you lose a little thc in the process.

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Yes, to a degree. The short path will be more efficent in stripping these compounds as “lowers”.

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