Wish List for New Lab

Hi All,

I have been asked to come up with a list of equipment for SPD in a new lab:
I don’t want to go crazy on price but I would like to find a pump that can maintain sub 100 microns while doing SPD.

Filter from Wash

Cryo freezer

Filter after Winterization




This will cover the basics… Will need spares and miscellaneous odds and ends.


I have come to love this tool and can recommend it as an addition to your list.


It’s a nice wish list, but those are some overpriced items for what you are (I’m guessing) trying to do. You don’t need that cold of a freezer for winterization, and the Drain Droyd is the most foolishly expensive filtration system I have ever seen. Get a Bel-Art plastic one for 1/10th the price.


The freezer is a Must have! I have been able to consistently test above 90% D9 THC first pass due to the ability to remove Fats & Others from crude after it has been winterized -60c. Drain droid is probably not needed, but didn’t want to have a bottle neck in the process. I have been using CO2 to get my crude. QWET will be the process in the new facility.

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Yea an Ultra Cold freezer would be nice, as well as a bioreactor and rotovap for us.

For vacuum pump I recommend:

-10iC edwards chemical duty dry scroll pump
-E2M28 with HSA Alcatel air cooled diffusion pump (for use after terpene stripping part).

Either of these setups should serve you well, if you take care of the pumps.

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Unless you want to spend an unreasonable amount of money on a hack filter these are the classic example of the cannabis industry price mark ups on equiptment already used in industry.

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looking for a 2 Inch unit to go with this lab?