Wiped film final product

Hello all. I’m having some issue getting my parameters correct as the only SOP I have is for the VKS. This is the 20L stainless and the jacket temps are a big flux of temps in the evaporator. Anyone have experience with this? After trying many variations of terp and distillate pass parameters everything is still turning out soupy and dark amber. Thank you to everyone in this forum! This is my first discussion topic contribution!


Lots of places to go wrong, hard to say what your problem is without more info. There is a wfd parameter thread here that’s good, I suggest reading it then explaining what your parameters are

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If it’s the one on the right it doesn’t look too bad for an early run. I suspect this might be a combination of crude prep problems and that evaporator temperature issue. If your evaporator won’t keep a consistent temperature then you need a better heater.

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These things are beasts, it’s likely something you should hire someone to train you on it. They go so quickly, you have to have it right or you blow through crude with out the proper separation.

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I saw that thread. I was hoping to find people with this particular setup. I can post some data tomorrow.

I agree. This crude wasnt properly prepped in decarb but I wanted to have some experience with the worst material I could start with. I believe a better heater would definitely stabilize temps.

We had someone come out for training and I found that we didn’t get to run much because of underspecced chillers and heaters supplied with the unit. I feel I have as good an understanding of what’s taking place in every piece of the skid. I have some short path experience but nothing this scale or stainless until more recently. Also had someone who runs Popes and alot of short paths come take a look. Everything points to poor winterization/filtration sop as well as inconsistent decarb sop. All is being revised and hopefully I’ll be up to a few liters an hour.

Better decarb is the whole thing. You’ll never get a better result than this with incomplete devolatizing. I would recommend skipping the terp pass and doing it externally where you can control it getter. I do wiped film consults if you want in depth advice.


I’ve got a couple of these for the moment but I’m setting up a small r&d room for small batch testing to dial in parameters so I can terp pass one machine and dist pass another 24/7. Just wondered if it was common for terps bleeding over to cause so much viscosity. Definitely interested in a consult if I dont see some consistency with typical product and revised sops

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These wiped films take the tails with the main body and carry heads through machine. You’ll will always make brown distillate that Smell’s like feet with those machines. That’s why the other two on market are up for sale and the other guys doing it had to do 7+ passes and water washes repeatedly to move material through those machines. Good luck.

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It sounds to me like you’re not properly decarbing and deterping. I know someone who has this setup and it leaks constantly, have you tried finding any leaks? What’s your vacuum levels at? If you use the VKS sop you should be flying, that’s worked on every wiper I’ve ever used. If it didnt work somethings wrong.

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Thats the best way to do it, deterping in something else will not remove as much of the terpenes as in a wiper. A wiper has better vacuum then an spd and better seperation, I’d use one for the terpene strip one for the distillate pass so you dont have to change the parameters or bleed the pumps. Check out my IG for test results off of the wipers I run my IG is kingofthekush4201

This is not true. SPD develop higher vapor pressures in motion. Wiper also rarely stop all molecules at pump since they have open bore traps.

If a spd is suffering in devol you simply have a trap and pump problem. User error.

You can’t say really one is better than the other. One thing is for sure. Spd can target and remove more heads and devol to a deeper state than a wiper can. Because the fluid moves down the body of a wiper and also codistills other compounds with it. This is why wiped film is always goey and feet smelling. And moves freely. It has other stuff left behind in it.

This is simply not true. Come smell my distillate as it sits upside down in a jar without moving, smells like practically nothing.


Some are better than others. But I’ve seen lots of wiper products.

You do realize higher vapor pressure isnt good? It makes things codistill with your thc. Boiling happens when vapor pressure and atmospheric pressure are the same, by having a higher vapor pressure then atmospheric pressure you’re bound to kick extra shit up with it. The reason it has a higher vapor pressure is because you have a giant spinning ball of crude that’s hot, where as you have a thin layer with a wiper. You’ll never be able to beat my 6 inch VTA elliot

It’s almost like he refuses to get off SPD because he sells them lol the future is wipers


That’s funny because we make machines that beat you vta everyday and sell about 2-10 a day. So tell.me more how we can’t beat your vta.

The future is everything. You know summit still holds records for highest potency and clarity and speeds of short path systems on market. And dollar to dollar they out perform the wipers. It’s just a side by side fact. I like SPD because I want to make the best SPD. I don’t care what machines people use or how crazy confused they are on vacuum principles.

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Rofl show me any shortpath that can even hit 4 liters an hour. And I’m not talking about videos you’ve “seen” I heard from one of your fan boys who you gave your new setup to they can only hit 2 liters an hour, yet you claim 10 xD you’re full of shit