wiped film distillation


Hi guys, what is the purity of your CBD oil after wiped film distillation? Does everyone run two passes now? I am trying to get some ideas so that we can choose the right equipment. Thanks in advance


When you say 2 passes, Do you mean a terpene pass and an actual distillation pass? You should never need more then 2 passes on any kind of distillation machine. Wiped films IMO are where its at.


Mid 90s on 1st pass usually. I never do 2nd passes any more. If you do a good job on the 1st pass the 2nd pass doesn’t really give much further improvement.


Hi, thanks for replying. I mean two distillation passes. I haven’t done any, but I have heard that the numbers that provided by manufacturers are way higher than the actual concentration you could get, and I saw a few companies have multiple stage wiped film distillation systems.


Do you mind me asking what system are you using? thanks.


Even the multi stage ones do a terpene cut pass then 1 distillation pass. I run my VTA to factory spects plus a couple little things here and there and can run 4.5 liters in 1 hours off it. The lab society rolled film can do like 8 liters an hour or something crazy like that im pretty sure. Its a 2 stage.


I used Chemtech KD4 and KD6 units.


Yes, I see a lot of companies are doing 2-stage system now.


What are the throughput of these systems?


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For molecular distillation, the material are S216L or glass.



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Hey, multi-stage distillation system is usually design for large production facility, such as 200kg a day. People usually run first pass to remove terp, and second pass to get CBD.
Since multi-stage is expensive, people usually buy single stage equipment and run twice manually. If you are setting up a 100kg + per day lab, you may consider 2-stage. Otherwise just get single stage.
The potency of your final product is determine by your SOP.


Dont try to talk me out of a 2 stage! Lol


Learn basic grammar if you’re trying to sell six figure equipment.


Thanks for your advice sir


Can you elaborate more on S216L material? Maybe it is a typo…Do you provide Material Composition reports or at least a mill certificate for the steel?


Sry, it is 316