Winterizing Causing Darkening?



I’ve got some distillate and when I pop it in the freezer and winterize I notice it actually gets darker. The second pass will usually take cAre of it. But I’m curious if anyone else has noticed a winterizing oxidation reaction or something of the like?

And is there any controls for it?

Edit just had a thought, maybe its the mixing of the oil and alcohol in the presence of air? Any agitation would be adding oxygen into the mix in a now widely dispersed solution



I’ve never heard someone winterizing distalitez

What’s ur purpose?



I’ve got a few clients that messed theirs up pretty badly so I’ve had to fix things.

I’m curious if this same problem is gonna translate to crude color but we’re just aware of it since it’s dark?

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Yep happens to me every now and then
Check ph of the ethanol

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Was using methanol on this round to similar effect. I’ll check the pH :slight_smile:



I find high ph so around 8 making iT happen more often
Also think iT s a oxidation isseu

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I’ll have to try the remelt under vacuum or nitrogen. I think it might clear that up.

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