Winterizing at -90c

Im used to winterizing doing a dual stage filtration. 10:1 etoh to bho crude. I usually do a room temperature rough pass after dissolving and than after sitting for 24 hrs filter at -30c for the colder second pass. I Put a direct light in the solution afterwords to ensure a proper and adequate removal of lipids. I tend to use a filter bed on the second pass as well. We’re ramping up quite a bit and this is the bottle neck. Wondering if any of you winterize at temps like -90c. What I’ve seen is when there is a prolonged time at these temps the cannabinoids tend to bind and couagulates with the fats. I talked to a friend who said some are using these ultra low temps to cut out the time from a 24hr precipitation to a 2-3hrs precipitation for final removal of lipids. Just wanted to see if anyone is doing this on here currently. The chillers are very expensive for the kind of production we are doing and want to make sure this is a solid solution. I do not like doing r and d in the case of production being at stake… but if It is this fast it will increase thourough put which is what we need. It make sense as long as there isn’t a prolonged period of time at these temps. Just didn’t think it would be that fast. Any input would be awesome.


Speeding up the winterisation process will trap cannabaniods, but these can be re dissolved and re winterized

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We do 2 passes at -80C for 1 hr/pass (filtering in between passes). The super cold temps increase viscosity which negatively affects precipitation - precipitation also increases viscosity. As such, the first filtration allows the 2nd winterization pass work more effectively. We see minimal cannabinoid loss.


I do 2 filtration’s one at eoome temp rhru 5micron coffee filters ina bel art rhen put it in a costco freezer which jeeos ir about -20c then filter thru 1 micron in a stainless steel buchner style I built. Rhe bel art dont like the cold tends ro break the welds. Thats all i do and it works like a champ and have no problems. Distilate always twstsyin rhe 90% just d9

Is this normal then? Is there a problem with my winterization???


If it’s wax that’s causing the cloudiness it should be fairly clear when hot and only get cloudy as it cools closer to room temp. If it’s just terps/volatiles it can be cloudy even when warm.