Winterized and decarbed Crude and Distillate

Just wanted to put it out now that I have a slanger badge.
We produce quality fully winterized and decarbed Crude oil and full spec Distillate in Colorado. If you’re in need I would like to talk to you.
Weekly output of W/D Crude is 150 kilos (biomass quality dependent of course). We also have an additional 150 per week available from our CA. Location.
Distillate is on a much smaller scale
Weekly output is 10 kilos of single pass. We are open to increasing that capacity if the demand is there.
We also farm both in CO and CA and have biomass for sale starting in November of every year. I run the day to day extraction and farming operations here in CO so feel free to ask any questions you like.
If you are in CA my partner Clint runs the day to day extraction and farming operations and I would be more than happy to put you in touch with him.


What’s the prices on crude and distillate?
Also where are yall located in Colorado?

We try to be around $300 for crude and $650 for distillate. I’m out I Watkins by DIA.