Winterize before Decarb?

About to run my first SPD batch and was getting errthang ready to roll and I’m not sure if I decarb before or after winterization ?

I know people who do both.

The good thing about doing it before is that you can collect butane extract, and then dump it straight into warm ethanol to purge any remaining butane, then freeze the ethanol to dewax.

But I know at least one person who swears by decarbing first because says that heat treating some of the fats / lipids / waxes helps them precipitate better during winterization. I’m not too sure on the finer details on exactly what is going on here, or even if it is a real thing and not just his imagination. Maybe someone else can help out here?

Long story short though you can pretty much do it either way.

In the very least, decarbing beforehand allows you to get it warm enough to easily dissolve into ethanol for winterization.


CO2 Jedi :grinning: When do You Decarb before extraction or after ?

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Post extraction, pre winterization.