Winterization Temp/Ratio & Rated Chest Freezer


Hi There,

I know there are a few topics out there but I have seen varying answers. I would love some clarity on this topic.

I understand you are usually safe with a 5:1 or 10:1 ethanol to crude ration. Does the general public find that one or the other works better?

Also I have read varying things about temperature. After a hydrocarbon primary extraction, what temp do I need to get to for proper winterization if I am going to distillate as my final product? I am asking this because of the next question I have.

What are people using out there as a down and dirty cost effective freezer for winterization? If I am not mistaken I need to find a C1D2 rated freezer correct? If so I just need to know what temp to target.

Thanks guys!


I have great results winterizing in a chest freezer at -20°c. In a lab environment it’s best to use a C1D2 freezer although in the past I have used home freezers without issue. I always seal the solution in a jar, etc. I’m running Etoh extractions so depending on extraction temperature I determine the etoh:crude ratio.


-40 for initial extraction and -80 4 winterization is what I see repeated a lot on here. A C1 D1 ultra low freezer is going to be crazy expensive


I modified a $100 Craigslist chest freezer to get down to -30 f the compressor runs 100 percent of the time so it’s only good to use it for a few days at a time during winterization then unplug it LOL.

My last crude SPD run we got some waxes in the distillate it was a very small amount almost not even noticeable but it was there which tells me my -30 f winterization is not fully effective