Winterization Issue... Or Something Else?

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TIA to everyone posting and replying on this fantastic forum.
I have been having a seemingly hard time getting a full winterization on my CBG crude. I’ve processed a handful of liters following a general cold-crash out winterization, and filtering through a ~2 to 4um filter paper. Usually it took three round of winterization to see near nothing or less fats/waxes on the paper. We then use a 5L roto to roto out the EtOH at 60•C. Then when almost all EtOH had been recovered, we raised the bath temp to 80•C to ensure all EtOH was out / get crude runny enough to easily pour out.
The last few kg of CBG crude I have tried to put through the 5L seems to still have fats in it but has been winterized 4 or 5 times now and I am not catching any fats on the paper. I have even lowered the ratio to 4-5:1 EtOH to crude and haven’t seen any difference in what’s been caught on the paper. Last night I ran the thick crude warm through an AlO3 bed, placed it in the freezer (-65•C) overnight, and filtered over another bed of AlO3. I’ll post some pictures I took today. The edges look like they’re crystalizing (ish) but when looking into the bulb it looks like fats. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? TIA!

Are you sure that’s not CBG crystallizing right there? What is the cannabinoid % test data on this material?

The other tests we got back for the same batches came back at ~80% CBG. The previous amounts didn’t crystalize like this and it won’t melt at 80•C which is stumping me. I do feel like it’s crystalizing to a point, yes. It’s just the inside of the bulb that looks a little fatty.

If that is 80% CBG, just go ahead and run a crystallization protocol, no need to distill.

Crystallize in your favorite solvent -> filter/ evap solvent/ ->re-crystallize.

Right. But some of my customers want the crude and it’s difficult to get out of the bulb when it’s solid lol. I have an HPLC i’ve been working on… I’ll get it run and see what comes out.

Screw those customers, they don’t know what the hell they are talking about and are probably brokering to other brokers who then broker deals for other brokers. I don’t understand why anyone would want to purchase something less than 99% pure if it’s going into a product. They obviously aren’t the end customer or user if they can’t figure out how to formulate a product, and if they are, that’s just sad or scary.

SORRY, I am just venting here, not at you, at these buyers. They drive me nuts. I would just dissolve the crystals in some propylene glycol and send it off to them and call it a day. LOL.

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lol I understand where you’re coming from. A lot of our customers want the “RSO” type oil for their products.

Also, i’ve seen your username floating around many other posts for a long while and I’ve been meaning to ask… Are you living in a tube? :wink:

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I gave myself to science, because I felt that I could help! :sunglasses:

Also, Lateralus was one of the most important albums of my teenage years, smoked a lot of weed listening to those tracks!

I’m a huge fan of both bands. Much to the chagrin of my wife. Lol. She’s not a jam band fan, but we make it work. :wink:

I remember where I was when I first heard Lateralus all the way through. Been a big favorite ever since. I love it (apparently).

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Those are cbg crystals my guy


That’s what I thought too. It’s just the inside of the bulb that makes me think it’s something else. I’m running it through my HPLC now to find out - not sure why I didn’t do that before.

Don’t know much about cbg crude, but catching no fats at all?? Spooky. How was it extracted and how cold are you getting it?

cbg will crystallize like that. sounds like you’re on target.

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It was extracted at approx. -45•C, DE and AC filtered in line, then winterized MULTIPLE times at -65•C for 48 hrs then filtered through 2-4um filter paper. After it kept doing the fatty looking thing in the roto, I lowered the ratio to 5:1 or less and winterized and filtered again. I was just surprised and thought it was fats since the previous runs stayed liquid at both 60 and 80•C bath temp in the roto.

You might actually want to keep the fats in there if you don’t want it to crystallize!

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