Winterization Doubt


I started winterizing my crude at -80 degree C. For now I am heating up my crude and then mix it with the ethanol at the desired ratio. Although it mixes well, I was wondering if I should be using warm ethanol?
I mean which one is more efficient? The warm or room temp ethanol?

Also, after winterization when we take it out from the freezer to filter it, at the bottom of the beaker it’s more slushy types. Is it suppose to be like that?

Heating ethanol beforehand definitely speeds up the process. Heating both EtOH and oil before and during the mixing process is even better.

Yes, your solution should be rather slushy after winterization, the EtOH should be like a thick syrup (-80c) and the fats would be suspended throughout, creating a slushy texture.

I am from the herbal industry, but we always want to keep heat away from the phytochemical compounds as much as possible due to degradation…is that not the case with cannabinoids?

Welcome!!! What’s you’re ratio? Sounds
You need more alcohol. Can you shine a laser thru the solution before
You freeze it? Are you staging you’re filtration attempts?

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It is the case here as well. That being said, winterizing with Ethanol will require heat to recover so a warm solution to begin with wouldn’t increase degradation.


this is the procedure:

  1. dissolve resin in warm etoh. you will shoot for somewhere from 10:1 to 7:1 ratio of etoh to resin volumetrically .

  2. filter the dissolved mixture for particulate and any waxes that drop out while room temp.

  3. Place the mixture in an explosion proof freezer for at least 5-8 hrs. temp here can be anywhere from -20c to -80 c.

  4. filter the mixture via vacuum or positive pressure. you may need to prechill your filter apparatus.

  5. repeat steps 3 and 4 untill you don’t see any cloudy waxes left in solution while cold.

Slushy fat is a normal thing with this procedure.

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There are a lot of compounds in an extract, they can range from very sensitive compounds like terpenes, to more robust molecules like the cannabinoids. What is it that your trying to make?