Wine bladder press for centrifuge replacement

A buddy of mine recently asked me if I have ever thought of using a Bladder Press instead of a centrifuge after an alcohol extraction.

Interesting idea. I’m wondering the communities thoughts:


The blinkman wine press seems like it could work, relatively cheap i guess it just depends on the volume your doing

Conceptually I think it is good. Not sure you want to risk intermingling water with your tincture.

Might want to check what temperatures the bladder material can handle if using cryo ethanol. Certainly wouldn’t want it crack and leak water.

I’m gonna say it’s just not gonna get anywhere near the level of the centrifuge. A good centrifuge will get it near dry. A bladder press would leave things damp. I’d say the bladder would get you to 85-90% max solvent recovery to a 95-98% on a good centrifuge.


Pressing is a rather not kind of thing seems more than etho is beeing pressed out
And more solvent/oil losses

I never picked one up, but the smaller scale experiments with one of these convinced me that it wasn’t worth the effort.

(They’re cheap. don’t take my word for it…)

just wish my next move had been grabbing a Panda…


Thanks for all the feedback. My buddy is trying to do this on the 100 gallon scale, so I’m going to report back it’s probably a bad idea. I agree 100% centrifuge is better, but I’m a good friend so I looked into it anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Reminds me of the blichmaan wineEasy I was using for extraction :grinning: - material was sopping wet despite being under tremendous pressure and deep vacuum


This post was life :slight_smile: