Will mixing small amount of flavored PG to my mct oil cart cloud up My cart

Just curious so i dont cloud up my lovely clear carts.

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no, all vape flavorings are suspended in pg and i can use 10% of those successfully with no issues.

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First, why the need to add pg to an already mct diluted cart?

Second, before I found this wonderful forum, I was lost, and used peg400. And results were sketchy. I’ve seen the light!

Mct is a decent dilutent, if you absolutely need a dilutent. Terpenes are much better at diluting an extract for a cart.


Im just using heavily concentrated vape flavoring that has a small amount of pg in it not trying to dilute further just getting way over priced flavors ya feel. Terps aremt worth unless theyre weed derived and im just making pens for shows and trips n shit.

Trying to save them bucks lol

But they also cost an ass load of money and I’m just tryinf to smoke

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I have cannabis derived terpenes!


Terps are that expensive. Check out floraplex lineup.

Vape concentrates are like 2 dollars for a 2 oz bottle.

I live in the land of weed I’m just trying to make some good tasty shit. Ive run spd, cls and all that jazz i dont smoke carts often its just for shows and what not. Like homie said below vape flavoring is super cheap.

We suggest to research in depth products before you use them

You guys shouldn’t be using mgt at all that shit is bad news

Also plant derived terps are usually more flavorful than cannabis derived bro. Do some research and spend a little extra if you want good shit

I’m sorry but not one botanical plant profile is as flavor full as the real thing.


If you buy cheap trash it’s not. I will say natural cannabis flavors like OG Kush and etc is hard to match but if you look at the scientific process it’s all linalools- at a chemical level it doesn’t matter where they come from. There is always the argument that it doesn’t seem the same, similar to salt and water mixed isn’t the same as salt water, but chemically it is.

Then why can we pick out the fake profile over the Canna profile every time just about.

Which ones do you recommend, ok I’ll try any w a biased opinion

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