Wich cbd strain is best for Paraguay

Ok so a grower of a outdoor large accarage farm in San Pedro guayaibi
Region in Paraguay reached out asking
Wich strain I would recomend
And honestly not a cleu
Yust realized that I know :poop: of cbd strains and not a cleu of how to trace back there lineage (landrace , industrial)
The average humidity in that region is 75% so would think a not to dense flower would be best
Average year temp is 25C with 33 c as high and 14C as low with sufficient rain average in a quick scan
If one would have the freedom to cultivate with a higher than 0.3% thc /thc-a Wich strain would be recomended ?

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Wow. Such an awesome question.

I sometimes wonder about growing in those happy tropical climates. <3

I’d probably go towards a Thai variety - sometimes that would perhaps flower longer, in the hopes that it would be a little leggy and not quite as bushy.

There are some seed suppliers that are trying to specialize in just what is being requested here.

I still really enjoy https://en.seedfinder.eu/ when I’m doing research for things I haven’t grown recently - then I look for lineage I remember from the last time and see who else is doing what with it. They even have filters for things like fiber plant or CBD only plant, etc.

I’m always on the prowl for things as close to land race as I can get - so they haven’t been intentionally selected in the US for getting folks high. This includes getting access to good fiber seeds and what not as well.

Good luck finding the perfect match for your friend!


Those numbers are close enough to mine that ill make a suggestion in the other direction.

Run fast, lanky autoflower. Pluck slightly early.

You can usually pull them (slightly immature) before any rot sets in. Literally like 60/70 days. You need VERY quick flowering strains, without a ton of density per cola, and a fair amount of stretch (so parts don’t touch a ton). If these are being maintained at all, cull the undercarriages, remove all dead foliage weekly. Once rot kicks, botrytis usually comes first, you might be able to get a few more weeks with an antifungal if your willing to do that.